EH 3/23 question re new Vestibular diagnosis + Elliott gum/teeth health update


Mar 5, 2019
It has been almost 10 complete months since I started working on healing my dog, Elliott's severe gum disease along with nearly every tooth in his mouth being so loose, that I did not dare to attempt to physically remove calculus. In the future I will describe in detail about what I did, the mistakes made & what I learned. I decided to postpone posting about this on the forum until after a current blood test, in order to monitor if the improvements that I observed in the gum/teeth would translate to reduction of last year's results which indicated a trend of elevation of Urea Nitrogen & BUN as well as Globulin. These elevated values resulted in traditional dental cleaning being cancelled. It was presumed that the elevated values were due to the poor oral health along with a specific gum that had released a significant volume of pus around 10 days prior to last years blood test. The fantastic news that I got on 3/19/20 was that Globulin was normal, Bun was high per lab guides, but everything had dropped, the vet commented that "high" Bun could be due to diet, basically there was some change that allowed previous trend of every blood test showing higher & higher levels, to diminishment. Based on visual & my tactile observations of daily hands-on work with Elliott's mouth, dramatic reduction of inflammation, significant tightening up of teeth to where I could apply normal amounts of pressure to the teeth I felt that the approach that evolved over 10 months, using ozonated sunflower oil with the intention of the ozone flowing deep under the teeth & gum line in order to contact concealed disease seemed to have worked. The only issue was part of the learning & evolution of discovering what was needed was that until I heard about using a lady's nylon stocking, in the manner that some people use gauze, I didn't realize that the typical dog toothbrush was ineffective & I wasted a couple of months even using the stocking, not deliberately touching & feeling all the way to the very back of the mouth, especially the bottom, left molar which has tightened up significantly once I began giving it special attention. That particular tooth was very loose, it made me consider the wisdom of risking anesthesia to just extract, but I decided to wait & see & evaluate blood results. The left molar did recently release pus/fluid, there is still intermittent amounts released, the tooth was incredibly wiggly & was a
continual concern.

On Tues 319/20 along w/blood draw, Elliott also had acupuncture & a first time spinal adjustment on just T-8, a rib that had been sublimated probably since I rescued more that 3 years prior. There was a 1 year interval in-btwn his most recent acupuncture treatment, he was somewhat "tight", he had a lot of needles. After initial exam she pronounced him looking good, his energy & mobility were amazing, I'd done intensive hands on massage daily during the cold winter months, he had never before had a much flexibility & bounce in his walk as he did when he went in to see if his blood work would
confirm what he was exhibiting outwardly. The vet felt that he might be sore once we got home & we agreed that a dose of Hypericum might be good.
I was surprised at Elliott being full of energy when we got home, after 3 hours or so I muscle tested & decided to give 1 dose Hypericum, he was strong, alert & energetic doing regular walk a bit later, though he rested deeply that night.

My question is actually a request for comments concerning the diagnosis of Vestibular Syndrome which I got on Saturday 3/21 based on this history.
Also is it true that there is no practical way to anticipate the condition will manifest into the obvious VS episode? Friday 3/20 Elliott was wobbly & off-balance & had trouble gaining traction during his regular AM walk & he had no appetite. Also the UPPER left molar released fluid while
cleaning. While syringing water into his mouth he forcefully swung his head from the right to the left, as though the water being dropped into the RIGHT
side of his mouth had hit a nerve or something very sensitive, which he had never done before. He started showing a head tilt Friday night, was weak standing, I decided we both could not suffer through the weekend so he was fortunate to be examined by the vet from earlier that week who had immediate suspicions when she saw him of Vestibular Syndrome.

I was shocked at how quickly Elliott's condition could shift. Over the months I was concerned about possible ill effects of lingering infection with cerebral/neurological health, I was worried that my intention to give him the professional acupuncture vs my home care acupressure somehow triggered the end result of V.S., the Hypericum added to my uncertainty, I regretted administering it, even though I didn't rush to use it.

It has been a very stressful past few days, hand/force feeding & giving water, inability to enjoy our regular walks & activities, especially in the midst of the upheaval of all of our normal daily lives. I now know that the V.S. probably sheds a lot of light on some of Elliott's quirks as well as some changes in things like riding in the car, which I'd thought was
successfully resolved /greatly mitigated. I think its interesting that the word Vestibular popped into mind when I first observed the change in car riding behavior, this is my first experience with V.S. ever.

Dr. Christina

Jun 15, 2017
Cyd, it is wonderful to be getting, and paying attention to, messages from the universe. We actually can access amazing information.

Health is a journey and there is no one right or wrong approach. You muscle tested for the hypericum. I doubt that caused the vestibular problem.

Not a lot is known about the cause of vestibular issues. It is also probably not due to the tooth infections.

Usually acupuncture, laser or carefully prescribed homeopathy will resolve it fairly quickly.

You are steadily making progress and Elliott is so blessed that you did not rush to conventional. The vestibular is just one more step to healing.

Hang in there

Dr. Christina

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