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BJ's Raw


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Mar 3, 2021
Looks nice - looks EXPENSIVE:) Outside of that, I don't like to feed a homogenous ground product steadily, or as the only component in a meal. If you added in some whole large chunks, or fed alternately with whole prey style pieces, it might be more suitable.

So, yep, nice food - but needs more. As with ANY aspect of animal husbandry, variety is key to health and mental development. This would be a great start, or a percentage, either by the meal, or over time in the odd meal. Add in, perhaps, eggs, chicken frames, lamb ribs, or other chewable bony bits. Tough whole meats like a big chuck roast, or a leg joint to be taken up when the meat has been eaten...

Ask anything else....


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Jul 16, 2019
Thanks Ginny for your (WONDERFUL!) comments - I also believe in giving a variety of food and that was the reason I looked into BJ's Raw. My senior girl does not have any teeth left so she's not getting anything that she'd need to chew on (and on...) but I'm very certain she'd love to chew on those ;) if given...but then again, I don't want her to hurt herself (gums).

For those who may be interested in BJ's Raw blends with strawberries...I reached out and asked them if those are organic since non-organic ones are full of pesticides. This is their response:

"We source all of our proteins locally from other Amish farms in Lancaster Pennsylvania...Our strawberries are also sourced locally and organically grown."

What do y'all think about meats sourced from Amish farms?

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