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    Ingested Mushroom, elevated liver levels, throwing up

    Sorry to hear about Sundae's reaction to the mushroom, Gina. :( Yes to your using the Assisi to treat around her belly. Regarding your next step, that will depend on her BEAM and rest of her symptoms including the liver test results. I may not get back online today, but please update us when...
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    Kitty with skin irritation -

    Hi Barb- Yes, it can be very hard to watch symptoms coming and going as the body rebalances. However, it's definitely worthwhile! You're doing a wonderful job of using those 2 important Ps of patience and perseverance. As Dr. Christina mentions, there are enough small positive changes for us...
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    100% Prevention of Hospitalization of Self-Isolating Covid-19 Patients

    Thanks for sharing Dr. Seneff's important work Joan. Dr. Sue Beal has a couple of great Empower Hour! webinars about glyphosate. If you haven't already watched them, I highly recommend that you do so. Also regarding what you can do, a great way is to get Sera's urine and your water tested for...
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    Chewing Paws and Itchy Skin

    Yes, I understand the unhealthy stress of a vet visit Lisa. I agree that if Naya continues to have great BEAM, that the skin rash may not warrant it. Has Becca seen it? Please keep us updated.
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    Dog with heart problems- tachycardia and atrial fibrillation

    Thanks so much for sharing this awe-some first post, Sally! As per our conversation, now's a great time to optimize her cellular energy and oxygenation by using the snuffle mat ~45 minutes/day. In addition to the snuffle mat, please let her lead you on as many outdoor walks/day as you're able...
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    Chewing Paws and Itchy Skin

    Please then update us with any changes by next week. If your local vet hasn't seen her recently, now might be a good time if you want a conventional diagnosis.
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    Chewing Paws and Itchy Skin

    Thanks so much for the awe-some post @Dr. Christina! Lisa, these bumps may be part of a curative response to the Thuja dose a few weeks ago. Has her BEAM, or any other symptom, changed?
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    Cat deteriorating - peeing vomiting endoscopy recommended?

    Thanks so much for replying to christie @Dr. Christina! Still no electricity at home, but for now I am sitting outside the library (which is closed due to tornado damage but still has public wifi). Christie, your next diagnostic step would be a an exploratory surgery and full thickness...
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    Acupunturiest in Fairfield County CT

    Hi Jamie- Sorry for the slow reply. There's a few protocol-based (this for that) acupuncturists in this area, but none that I've recommended in the past. There is one person that I will investigate further if you'd like. Can you tell us more about the pup's background, history, test results...
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    Kitty with skin irritation -

    Thanks for your reply Barb. Now's a good time to see what her body tells us, without dosing, in the next week.
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    Reducing Toxins That May Trigger Immune Problems Like Allergies and Cancer in Pets

    This post contains the 2 handouts about reducing toxins in water, air and the environments in which our pets live. Board Certified dermatologist Dr. Stephanie Chalmers shared these with us tonight (8/3/20) during her great webinar). They are in this cancer folder to help us all reduce the...
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    Kitty with skin irritation -

    Thanks so much for making your first forum post and for sharing your experience with Lily and Lycopodium so far. Did her BEAM, or any other symptom (other than ducking) change after the first dose?
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    Elevated phosphorus in a dog with a UTI

    Wow, thanks Nova! I never heard of them before this.
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    Cat experiencing Diabetes

    Hi again, Andi. I'm glad that we got to discuss Sunshine today. Thanks for your replies. Try to focus on fresh and canned foods. No dry. Wonderful work that you're monitoring his glucose at home!😻 I'd advise at least 1 or 2 units of insulin/day based on his blood sugars. Also, focus on his...
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    Hyperthyroid cat! dosing question

    Hey Anne- Sorry to miss your posts, but I'm so glad that we just got to discuss a bit about what you can do for Girly. She needs more protein and fat in her diet to help her assimilate and gain weight. To prevent further weight loss, it can be from any food that's fresh or canned (not dry)...
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