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Recent content by Dr. Jeff

  1. Dr. Jeff

    Piper the Pemphigus dog

    Hey Judy- What changed, in addition to the Sulphur dosing, between the first pictures and these?
  2. Dr. Jeff

    Dealing with male and female dog who have had gonad sparing sterilization operations

    Thanks for your great question Alyson and for your super fast and helpful reply Dr. Sara. Alyson, the only thing I'd add is a recommendation to watch Dr. Sara's wonderful neutering course (if you haven't already). It's available when you log in to your member dashboard (click on the link at...
  3. Dr. Jeff

    Mineral supplement for dog with hemangiosarcoma and Protein losing enteropathy

    Hey Lil- Do you add any kelp to his diet? If not, Thorvin organic kelp is an awe-some source of minerals. There's a recording in your member area about Thorvin, minerals and kelp from a few years back (just search thorvin, kelp, etc. when you log in at the member area. Also, Earth Animal, Dr...
  4. Dr. Jeff

    Cat with tumor has appetite, but is losing weight

    Francine, since she is eating well (what she likes) have you tried increasing the amounts or adding fat calories (chia, flax, hemp, olive, or really any oil she likes)? Does she like sardines? Have you tried playing the hunt-catch-kill-eat game to see if that would help her eat more and help...
  5. Dr. Jeff

    Daily Laughter Yoga Club Calendar for Us and Our Pets

    Hi @everyone- The amazing worldwide Laughter Yoga conference just wrapped up. It's incredible to see how much laughter is helping school children, people in nursing homes, hospitals, etc. everywhere in the world. Laughter for people seems to (according to >50 research studies) help people...
  6. Dr. Jeff

    Dog w/ pancreatitis, and now wondering about diabetes

    I'm starting clinics right now Sierra but maybe you can browse these articles to get a feel for the approach. Also, the Holistic Fun-damentals resource in your member area is a great place to start. If you haven't already done so, please read that first. Also...
  7. Dr. Jeff

    How to Support Pono

    How's Pono this am Robin? Private conversations can be started by clicking the envelope icon on the upper right of the forum window just to the left of where it says "search". I think @aruna has a video or further instructions about using it.
  8. Dr. Jeff

    How to Support Pono

    Which injection Robin? I'm sorry to hear about Pono's possible pain. :( Are you flexible for a call tomorrow? Please let me know in a forum private conversation or call to the office.
  9. Dr. Jeff

    Unusual posturing

    Something neurologic would be my take on the video. Do you know when these episodes started or how how often they are occurring? Most important is how's Hank's BEAM? Now's a great time to get a vet exam and to ramp up Hank's Happiness Quotient! Perhaps share this article with your friend...
  10. Dr. Jeff

    How to Support Pono

    Oh, cool! VREC in Norwalk is 24/7 and is fine since all you really need is an exam and maybe some non-invasive diagnostics.
  11. Dr. Jeff

    How to Support Pono

    Hey Robin, I'm super glad to hear about the beneficial effects of happiness and socializing Pono in Sedona and am sorry to hear about his current challenge. :( Have you taken his temp recently (this will help better define his lameness)? Can you get him in to a local vet today or tomorrow? In...
  12. Dr. Jeff

    Dog w/ pancreatitis, and now wondering about diabetes

    Thanks for asking MacKenzie, and for guiding me back to this thread. Yes, I do (have feedback): Yes, I would still do the spec(ific) canine pancreatic lipase test. It's a pretty sensitive and accurate blood test that accurately reflects pancreatic inflammation and pancreatitis. Yes...
  13. Dr. Jeff

    Online supplement companies

    Hey Lil! My prefence is VetRxdirect because they are helpful and have fresh stock of supplements.
  14. Dr. Jeff

    Kaya, 7 1/2 Month old GSD, anxiety-related cystitis? Getting a clearer diagnosis and alternatives to standard-of-care

    You're doing wonderful work with using the Happiness Protocol with Kaya! Perhaps just do as much of what you're already doing and especially focusing on what she loves to do the most, and gradually socializing her. Has she tried agility or tracking? @beccak do you think Schutzhund training...
  15. Dr. Jeff

    How much is too much and how much is too little?

    Sorry about the diarrhea Thomas, but it sounds like Rocky's body was just doing its job. As a young pup, he should have plenty of vitality and ability to re-balance (and resolve symptoms as nature intends). It sounds to me like you're on a great track Thomas! Rocky is one lucky puppy to have...
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