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    Chicken Neck Question

    How about holding onto the chicken (or turkey) necks while he chews? That way he won't be able to scarf them down.
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    Stomach/Appetite Question

    Hiya Kristen- Great question about the increased appetite rubrics. The first question always is whether this really is an increased appetite or a behavioral response to previous starvation? Yes, I would agree that the ravenous description is more about the speed of eating whereas an...
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    Lower Energy and Appetite - Puls 6c 10/Q or 15/Q re-dose?

    Great that you increased the potency and dosed! Exactly what I would have recommended You may want to redose now. I'll check for your updates in the am when I get in the office
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    FDA challenge

    @Dr. Sara should have the latest.
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    Poignant (and Adorable) Animal Welfare Video!

    You're very welcome Carol. I hope it wins the in the animated short category at this year's Oscars.🤞
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    Organon Paragraph 26 and Examples of the Law of Homepathy

    Hahnemann gives some great real world examples of the (homeopathic) law of similars in the footnote to this short aphorism. "This" refers back to aphorism 25 where he talks about symptom similarity. Can anyone think of any other examples of this natural law of similars?
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    Poignant (and Adorable) Animal Welfare Video!

    Hi everyone- Gail Pope's neighbor was just nominated for a 2020 Oscar for this wonderful video. Several important issues regarding animal welfare are raised in this video which we can discuss below. Enjoy!
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    Watch a puppy grow...

    Thanks for sharing Dana. 🙏 Beautiful pics!📷
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    Your Pets, Ketogenic diet, Press-pulse, Mitochondria and Cancer Care

    You're welcome Vicky. If I can help your study in any way, just let me know.🙂
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    Remedies, constitutional, acute

    You're welcome Joan, but I'm very sad to hear about Seraphina.😞 Her breathing issue makes me wonder about fluid in her chest. Can Dr. Jan hear anything in her chest? Assessing fluid in or around the lungs is a good reason for x-rays. Yes, the snuffle mat will help her get more air? Do any...
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    When to do a Heartworm Test

    Here's another emailed question from a member: Here are some resources (log in at to view these): Non member login - Holistic Actions! there is a webinar on this page, if you scroll to 1h 13min - they will cover heartworm: about the worm cycle, how dogs get infected, what...
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    Your Pets, Ketogenic diet, Press-pulse, Mitochondria and Cancer Care

    Did you use homeopathy to decrease susceptibility to diarrhea from a high fat diet? Puls, Ars, Nux are all famous for doing just that. Others can be found in this 90 remedy rubric: The choice of the remedy is based on other symptoms like, thirst, restlessness, isolation/clinginess, etc.
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    What to do About Ticks?

    Here's another emailed question: Great question! The best strategy might be for you to focus on BEAM and other symptoms, and not worry too much about the tick tests. Whenever you pull off a tick, spray the area with the natural vegetable spray called Path-Away which can kill any organisms...
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    Vaccinations, Colds, Xrays, Antibiotics, plus Future spaying for 2 month old litter of 3 kittens.

    Hiya Christie, yes this is indeed the forum where you can ask any question. Yes and no regarding persistent viral infections. They are indeed often lifelong however effects from them can also be improved or eliminated using the natural Vitality and Balance that you are promoting. Lack of...