surgery and kidney stones


Apr 18, 2019
About four days ago I took my puppy in to the vet because he was struggling urinating and it seemed he had a kidney stones that was stuck in the urethra. His kidneys were elevated and along with the liver shunt we were then directed to a specialist to perform immediate surgery. They removed the kidney stones in the utherthra and in the bladder ( which is small) and also fixed the liver shunt; His shunt has closed 50% and they will do a test in two months to see if it closed more. In the mean time, the specialist is recommending daily bland food of turkey, yams and rice pasta.

They said adding fruits and vegetables including celery is not wise because his liver and kidneys have been through so much over his 9 months of life. Is keeping him on this bland diet for the next two weeks, till his recheck, helping or harming him?
He loves his fruits and vegetables, from blueberries, cucumbers and apples and all the good and healthy foods I feed him. Your thoughts please.

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