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Ringworm in a multicat household


Community Member
May 16, 2023
We have a mild case of ringworm in our home and all 4 cats are affected- lab tested positive at vet for ringworm
I really don't want to do medications or anything harsh on or in their bodies
Please let me know any strong successful protocols with: treatment, potency, dosage, how many times/day for how long.
Thank you!

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hey Michele!

Welcome to HA! and thanks for making your first post.

I'm sorry to hear about your kitty's ringworm.:confused:

Since any skin, blood or other "infection" by a fungus, bacteria, virus, etc. is secondary, it's important to know more about their terrain.

Things like age, diet, stress levels, prior treatments or dis-eases, etc.

In general, treatment will depend on the context of what's going on overall.

Here's what @Dr. Jean Hofve says (and the full article is linked below).

Anything else you want to share about ringworm Dr. Jean?

Ringworm (which is actually a fungus) is also frequently implicated in cases of hair loss, especially around the face, feet and ears. The hair disappears in small patches, and the skin turns dry, gray, and flaky. The time between initial contact and the appearance of lesions varies from one to three weeks. Ringworm is extremely contagious! While it doesn’t seem to bother the cats much, in people ringworm can be extremely itchy! Treating ringworm can be difficult and time-consuming.There are a number of effective topical creams that can be used if the lesions small and localized, but a cat with a major infection may need to be shaved and bathed in a special shampoo for a month or more. Alternatively, there are oral medications that must be given consistently, usually for several weeks. They have serious side effects, so be sure to discuss the options thoroughly with your vet. Homeopathic treatment can be very helpful for these kitties.


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