Rescued Pet Stories

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi everyone-

This thread will be for you to post your stories of rescued pets.

I'd like to kick it off with a few words about our 3 pets and a bit about their back-stories.

Of the 3, the one who came to us almost nine years ago (she'll be 10 in September) is a wonderful Rex kitty named Tigger.

Tiggy, along with many (dozens? @AmyFeinman might have counted) was living in the breeders home on Long Island NY.

Because she was a quiet kitty among lots of others, she never had much attention paid to her until she came to live with us.

Since then she has really blossomed and is a fantastic companion and snuggler.

Tiggy also loves sitting on any visitors shoulder and we even have a series of photos of all of the shoulders she's jumped onto.

I can't find one on this computer, but either I or Amy will post in this thread.

The next pet we adopted was a few months later. Her name is Vanya (originally Vana White) and she is, wait for it, very white!

She's actually quite beautiful and so sweet that many people can't believe that we adopted her through Poodle rescue.

Her back story is that she belonged to a show groomer who used her as a trophy pup in grooming shows.

In addition, she lived with other big dogs that used to pick on and probably attack her.

She developed debilitating fears including fear-based aggression of other dogs.

The best defense (against other dogs that may hurt you) is a good offense, right?

Scare them off prior to their attacking!

Just today she almost broke a tooth from bashing her mouth against the glass door that separated her from another dog.

*If* the other dog ignores this (usually) harmless attack they may end up playing together.

However we often won't take a chance in which case she becomes inconsolable (like today).

Then there the opposite of this fear aggression, and that is our other rescue dog, Archie.

Archie has "fear happiness" and the more scared he gets, the more he wags and wants to be friends.

He's an incredible dog with an incredible story which you'll hear more about on Monday's webinar.

Archie has been with us a few days over a year, and came to us through the intervention of ACO (animal control officer) @jumstead1023

Here's his usual happy demeanor:368

Click/tap here to read another forum thread with more of his story and some of the training we've done with him including thoughts from others in our community.

His story is ongoing as he continues to make progress.

Please share some of your own rescue pet stories by posting below.

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