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Puppy is afraid of all dogs


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May 31, 2022
My 13-week-old puppy is afraid of all dogs :( She pees in fear every time we meet a dog, underlies herself or runs away. What could be the reason and what can I do to make her trust more?
Thank you and best regards, Amelie

Dr. Christina

Jun 15, 2017
Hopefully our dog training experts will chime in here. there are many different approaches, and I am no expert in this area.

First, back off from trying to introduce her to any situation that scares her. Build up her confidence in many other ways. Have her focus on you with basic training. Listen to Pam Wanveer's talk on Tellington TTouch, and maybe get some books or watch you-tubes about their training programs. As she learns to be responsive to your commands (requests) and confident being with you, meet a friend with their calm, quiet, non-pushy dog outside. The other dog is sitting. You follow the training you have been doing. Heel, sit, walk, stay, .... and then be in sight of the other dog. If there is even a hint of anxiety (and you need to not be anxious yourself - listen to Anitra Frazier talk about our thoughts going to the dogs), just do a heel and turn away from the other dog.

There will be a summit soon, specifically on anxiety. We will announce it in an email.

@jenbridwell - comments?

Dr. Christina

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