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Plaque Removal


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Apr 14, 2023
I read the following on Dr. Basko's website regarding teeth cleaning and plaque removal. Just wondering what folks think about this.

Mix the following together and keep in a small glass jar, and use to apply to teeth and gums. This mixture works well for gum disease, and softens the plaque over time, while also controlling the risk of bacteria and gum disease. (Do not add this mixture to water bowls for ingestion).
  • 2 oz Hydrogen peroxide (3%)
  • 2 oz Aloe Vera juice
If your pet suffers from bad breath, add one of the following to the above mixture:
  • Baking soda (one tablespoon)
  • Liquid chlorophyll (1 teaspoon)
Risk level: 0
Price point: 1
Effectiveness: 9
Application: Apply to teeth and gums, especially the upper molars to control plaque. Use a gauze sponge and soak in the mixed solution, then briskly rub onto stained teeth or plaque. Do this several times a week, and more often if your pet has a lot of plaque build-up. On small dogs and cats, use a Q-tip dipped in the solution, then apply to the gums, teeth, and plaque.
After applying the solution every few days to the gums, teeth, and plaque for 2 -3 weeks, you’ll be able to then scrape the plaque right off the affected teeth, using your fingernails, a soft towel, or even a Q-tip.
Finally, in some cases, low dose antibiotics like clindamycin may be appropriate for extreme cases of gum disease. Consult your holistic veterinarian for his or her advice on the use of antibiotics for your pet.


Thank you,

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017

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