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Pearl Powder for Dogs?


Community Member
Sep 12, 2023
Hi Everyone! I have a 7 year old French bulldog that has an occasional IVDD flare up, maybe twice a year, he recovers fairly quickly, & a 16 year old French bulldog, Boston mix. I've heard a lot about pearl powder recently & I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on it as I'm always a little skeptical of new supplements for my dogs. I've read it can be beneficial for dry coat (16 yr. old) and also helps stimulate the body's natural collagen production (7 yr. old) but there's not a lot out there in regards to use in dogs, just that you can, & it would have the same benefits for dogs as it does for people.

Both BEAM scores are great but my older one's skin has been a little dryer since we moved to the desert 10 months ago & her eyesight is going, otherwise she's pretty healthy & spunky for an old lady. I'm a clinical pet nutritionist so I'm confident in their individual diet plans, I'm just considering something supportive like DAV or pearl powder as they age. Thank you for any input you may have.


Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hey Shannon!

Good work with supporting your pup with IVDD! ?:dog2:And especially with letting his body rebalance and recover so quickly!!???
tly & I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion on it as I'm always a little skeptical of new supplements for my dogs.
Me too. I'm skeptical of new supplements (which is amidst my more generalised skepticism).

My admiration for scientific (and open-minded) skepticism continues to grow over my 40+ years of science and vet stuff.

That's part of why I focus on actions that are based outside the physical (which includes supplements and foods).

The Pearl Powder sounds interesting and may be worth trying.

However, there's lots of other things I'd try first.

Many of them are part of the Vitality and Balance model of homeopathy:

These energetic actions are also what we train our members in at HA!

Have you taken the HA! 101 course?

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