Organon Paragraph 15 and the Unity of Your Pets' Bodies

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi all. :)

Let's discuss aphorism #15 from Hahnemann's Organon in this thread.

In it he says:

The affection of the morbidly deranged, spirit-like dynamis (vital force) that animates our body in the invisible interior, and the totality of the outwardly cognizable symptoms produced by it in the organism and representing the existing malady, constitute a whole; they are one and the same. The organism is indeed the material instrument of the life, but it is not conceivable without the animation imparted to it by the instinctively perceiving and regulating dynamis, just as the vital force is not conceivable without the organism, consequently the two together constitute a unity, although in thought our mind separates this unity into two distinct conceptions for the sake of easy comprehension.
This takes his earlier discussion (you can find it by searching for "Organon") about the significance of symptoms like BEAM one step further. 🔦

Not only does he refer back to the vital force and the significance of symptoms but also emphasizes how critical is to recognize the intertwined relationship between the non-physical (and energy-based) body and organism itself.

In other words, not only are symptoms a manifestation of the this energy but so too is everything that ever manifests as changes in the body.

Your pets' Vital force can not be separated their bodies.

This impacts everything you do for them since this unified whole is what keeps pets from getting serious dis-ease imbalances like cancer.

Cancer is a state of dis-organization which can be prevented by working with your pets' bodies and vital force.🦀

This one seemingly simple aphorism can transform the way you care for your pets.

By knowing that the body and its energy are a unified whole, and that symptoms are a combination of them both, you will never want to oppose symptoms with antis (like anti-biotics, or anti-inflammatories, etc).

Working with symptoms and your pets' bodies is the best proactive prevention!:snowman:

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