More About Infection From the Organon (Paragraph 31)

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
The inimical forces, partly psychical, partly physical, to which our terrestrial existence is exposed, which are termed morbific noxious agents, do not possess the power of morbidly deranging the health of man unconditionally1; but we are made ill by them only when our organism is sufficiently disposed and susceptible to attack of the morbific cause that may be present, and to be altered in its health, deranged and made to undergo abnormal sensations and functions - hence they do not produce disease in every one nor at all times.
1 When I call a disease a derangement of man's state of health, I am far from wishing thereby to give a hyperphysical explanation of the internal nature of disease generally, or of any case of disease in particular. It is only intended by this expression to intimate, what it can be proved diseases are not and cannot be, that they are not mechanical or chemical alterations of material substance of the body, and not dependant on a material morbific substance, but that they are merely spirit-like (conceptual) dynamic derangements of the life.​
Once again, Hahnemann is ahead of his time when he describes what he observed and which molecular biology and genetics are only now explaining.​
That is, the concept of individual susceptibility to infections (lie COVID).​
In 2019, susceptibility was finally described at the cellular level by the "exposome" (another "-ome" like the genome, microbiome, etc.).​
It is discussed a bit in context of energy and symptoms in these papers:​
Hahnemann's wise aphorisms introduce us to the concept of the terrain of the body which is usually more important than the germ.​
As Louis Pasteur, father of the germ theory, is reported to say later in his life"

The terrain is everything and microbes are "nothing":​
This is probably only partially true since a high enough exposure is bound to overwhelm any immune system.​
That's why it's important to avoid exposure by staying home, but still going out in the fresh air, during these days of COVID.​

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