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Lowered Kidney Function Reversed!


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Oct 11, 2022
Some of you may recall Romeo my Cat got exposed to the Poison/Insecticide Precept last year.

His Kidney Function was lowered to Stage 1 & I was told its IMPOSSIBLE to reverse Kidney Function once its Lowered!

I had a strong determination & reaction to being told that and said to myself, Oh really? You just watch us!

It took a year and a Team of Holistic Vets, HA, Angels, Romeo & Me!


Just got labs back and Kidney Function is NORMAL! Hallelujah!

If you’re curious what we did see below:
Increased BEAM…Daily Play & incresed petting & Love & giving him more freedom

Nightly Meditations with Romeo-he loves it and comes when i begin!

Nightly Buddhist Mantra Prayer:
May You be Healthy & Strong
May You be Happy & Peaceful
May You be Free from Suffering
May you live with Ease & Joy
Then, replace You with I and I with All Beings! This is so beautiful to do before Romeo & I go to sleep together! Try it! The Ripple effect is so powerful!

I do Hands On Energy Healing and offer that on my website Remotely. I did Ancestral & Soul Healing on Romeo.

Animal Communication was key here! I had to really practice hearing him & honoring his keen Instincts! Even if I muscle tested yes to something, and he refused I learned the hard way to LISTEN & HONOR him! He is wise and animals have incredible powers & instincts most Humans are unaware they possess! I’m still learning and its such a Joy! I’m truly amazed at the wisdom they have to Share! I’m offering an Animal Communication Course this Summer! Details forthcoming soon.

Almost Daily Accupressure(Four Paws Five Directions helped a lot! And using the points the Acupuncturist used.

Weekly to Monthly to Quarterly Acupuncture

Freeze Dried Grass Fed Beef Hearts & Dr Beckers Liver Treats

Adored Beast Liver Support(detoxes all organs)
Adored Beast Probiotic:Felix’s Flora

Slippery Elm
Nordic Naturals Fish Oil
Standard Process Renal Support
HOMEOPATHICS under care of Dr Todd Cooney(A Godsend)! Nux Vomica & Arsenicum seemed to help the most & we gave those repeatedly! Also gave Sulphur & Phosphorus.

Some Chinese Herbs like Spleen Support, Stomach Happy, Free & Easy Wandered all
by Kan Herbs. I feel the Vets could have done a bit better with targeting his Liver & Kidneys here.

Raw Diet of Hare Today, Miami Raw Feeders & Viva Raw Venison, Rabbit and recently Duck.

Removed Beef

Added 1 tsp Organic Pumpkin and Butternut Squash to his Food.

Fed high qualityCanned or Gently Cooked only when he refused Raw. Buy Susan Thixton’s
Annual Pet Food Guide for only $10! She is an incredible authority on Pet Food! She puts Hours of work into this & needs our support and we need her knowledge!

Just added Raw Juju’s Goat Milk a month ago and he LOVES it! I froze it in ice cube trays. This was especially helpful when he was dehydrated and or nauseous and wouldn’t Eat, but would drink the warm Goat Milk! Raw is key here! Lots of Pet Stores have it frozen.

Healing Crystals in all his Beds.

KLOUD PEMF Mat that Romeo would jump on and ask for himself!!! No placebo there! More i for on my Website.

Structured RO water with Mineral

Muscle Testing, Divine Guidance & Flower Essences.

I am grateful to Romeo for being my Greatest Teacher! This was such a hard year and yet I learned sooooo much for Romeo and to share with others!

The Courses on HA are so valuable along with PetSummits.com


Books that really guided me:
Dr Christina Chambreau’s Animal Journal
Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to
Natural Healrh For Dogs & Cats
Four Paws Five Directions Schwartz
Homeopathic Care for Cats & Dogs Don Hamilton
Desktop Guide(Homeopathy) Roger Morrision
Ollios Website and First Aid Kit

I hope all this is helpful and gives everyone Hope that Miracles and Healing do happen! It can take a lot of effort and is so worth it!

Perhaps only a few of these things we did would have worked, but I was on a Mission and I am a bit of a recovering overachiever!

I believe we take a responsibility when we choose to have Animals! They are very dependent upon us to hear them, understand them and support them in BODY, MIND & SPIRIT!

Thank You Dr Jeff & all of H.A. Team & Members for the loving support and incredible brilliance you give…its Priceless and We are so GRATEFUL!

Now we are detoxing his Liver…will
post his case properly soon.

Take care & never give up! Love, Light & Healing to all of you & Sentient Fur Babies everywhere!
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Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Fantastic news Lauren! Go Romeo!!!

Good work!!! :snowman: 😻🔥


Community Member
Oct 11, 2022
What an awesome testimony! Thanks for sharing, Lauren! Quick question - why did you remove beef?
I removed beef because it is stagnating and due to journal entries. I saw a pattern each time I fed beef vomited. He also has a history of pancreatitis, and when I feed things higher in fat, it can aggravate his spleen and pancreas.


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Jul 16, 2019
I removed beef because it is stagnating and due to journal entries. I saw a pattern each time I fed beef vomited. He also has a history of pancreatitis, and when I feed things higher in fat, it can aggravate his spleen and pancreas.
Thanks for sharing, Lauren. I thought it was something about beef in general :)


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Jan 3, 2021
@LaurenHW Thank you for taking the time to write this detailed post of your successes. I have tears in my eyes of joy for the incredible results you received and tears of failure on my part for nothing I do seems to move the needles on Blossom's physical symptoms, only to get worse. Today is a bad day for her. I tried homeopathy with my last dog and it was an abysmal failure. I was not advised by the homeopath to do anything except the combo remedies (he is not a certified homeopath by the way I just found out but says on his website he does classical homeopathy which he does not) I try things, put in effort seemingly with the wrong people or products. Did Dr. Cooney advise you on the other things you mention giving Romeo? Was the REASON for Romeo's poor kidney function --the poisoning, important or just that he had lowered kidney function? I have no idea what is going on with Blossom--no diagnosis, just symptoms and so that is why I ask. I feel at this point a diagnosis is important. The homeopathic she is on now pretty much addresses only her behavior. Meanwhile her physical state, tiredness increases. Also where did you get the structured water from? There is so much to learn and my dog needs help now and not sure she has time to wait for me to learn, purchase and set up all that it takes. It is overwhelming. I think I have been spinning my wheels in the wrong direction. I am going to study your post more and get started with as much as I can. But I think she needs a diagnosis, what is causing her symptoms because the homeopathy I am using is not addressing that. The reproductive doctor was most concerned about her clinical symptoms. I like your nightly ritual as well and can do that tonight.

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