Lower Energy and Appetite - Puls 6c 10/Q or 15/Q re-dose?


Jul 16, 2019
Hello @Dr. Jeff - I'm not sure if you have gotten my updates sent through your website on Thursday (1/16) and the following days, I thought to write here to get a response. Koby's appetite and energy has decreased. He would turned away from most food (cooked or raw), even when hand fed. But he'd drink goat milk and do one-hour of snuffle mat each day with treats. I have since put him on mostly Answers goat milk (8 - 9oz per day, suggested amount by Answers, based on their feeding calculation) just to keep his weight up since 1/16..his weight fluctuates between 8.6lbs and 9lbs.

I asked in my emails if I should re-dose Puls 6c 10/Q since I did not see any marked changes after the dose on 1/15.. and to me the picture is a bit confusing (no to food, less walk but doing great with snuffle mat) and since I did not get a response from you and I remember you mentioned on our phone consultation that we could do 15 succusion...So out of desperation to help him, I dosed him Puls 6c 15/Q yesterday (1/16), but still no marked changes to his BEAM. I don't know what to do homeopathically at this point. Please help. Thank you.
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Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Great that you increased the potency and dosed! Exactly what I would have recommended

You may want to redose now.

I'll check for your updates in the am when I get in the office

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