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Kidney questions


All-Access Member
May 13, 2019
Hi all, could have questions about a pup with kidney failure.

She weighs 14lbs, how much fluid can we give safely per day 50? 100?

Should we assume she needs a phosphorus binder? Is it a can’t hurt, probably helps kind of addition?

What about calcitrol (I think that’s what it’s called) to help with calcium absorption?

Thank you,


Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hey Missy!

Sorry to miss your questions so am super glad that we discussed them during our HMDM call.

For others tho, the amount of fluids will depend on hydration and symptoms and heart status (BEAM especially).

It will also depend on individual factors like whether the fluids are being absorbed.

Yes, to Aventi phosphorus binder:

I don't know any vet internists who use calcitriol. So no, I don't use it.

Dr. Christina

All-Access Member
Jun 15, 2017
lMelissa, I am so gad you are reading the forum and our other resources on kidneys - we have a lot.

Be sure you are heating the fluids for her comfort. I like to run the fluid line through a cup of hot water, others soak the whole bag in hot water. Then be sure to empty the line of cold fluids till warm on your hand, then insert needle so the first blast is nice and warm.

The amount depends on the severity of the values and her BEAM. If early, I would start with 100cc every other day. However, most important at the early stages is not to make her miserable. If there is a nice lump of fluids and she gets fussy, stop, even if less than you wanted to give. If, when you start to give the fluids, there are still some pooled around her legs, wait another day.

Most importantly, follow the happiness protocols, getting exercise, fresh food and for really long life, begin now working with a great holistic vet, even virtually. Read the entire article on finding and working with a vet.

And keep us posted with her symptoms and how she is doing.

Dr. Christina

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