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Judy Umstead


All Access Member
Aug 3, 2017
I have been blessed to work with Dr Jeff for several years and continue learning daily. Currently I have five dogs and one cat. I own a commercial boarding kennel in Bethlehem,Ct and I’m an animal control officer for the town of Woodbury,Ct. and come into contact with many animals on a daily basis. My personal dogs include a four year old Great Dane Piper who lost her eyes as a baby from glaucoma. My six year old Lab Lola is a therapy dog who visits hospitals, nursing homes and kids in schools and libraries. She is also a thief of any food she can find. My Two year old Golden Healey came to me from a “breeder” at eights weeks after having half his leg amputated from an injury at two weeks of age. Sherlock is a six year old scruffy terrier mix that I kept from an animal cruelty case I have back in 2012. My Lhasa Keegan is 14 and from a local dog pound and has dry eye. My old cat Maggie is 14 and just hangs out with the dogs. I try to share with others the knowledge gained here.




Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi Judy-

Thanks for the kind words and the great work that you do.

It's great to see you here and I appreciate sharing your wonderful pet pics!

Thanks also for going to court to get Rusty (later Archie per @robinafolson) and bringing him into our life.

Dr. Jeff

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