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I'll start


Dec 13, 2018
I am David, the technical administrator for this site.

I'm not an expert on veterinary medicine or pet care by any means but I do have a long background in website, blog, and forum design and management and I grew up in a family with numerous pets all around me.

I think most of my family can be characterized as dog people. I am from a family of 12 children, the oldest boy, and at one time we had 12 dogs among us. Then one of the dogs had puppies. There were also miscellaneous other pets along the way. It was a large and boisterous menagerie - and I include the kids when I say that. :)

Coming from that environment, surprisingly (or perhaps not) I am a cat person. I have had several over the years, as many as three at once, and my children also had various pets, mostly dogs and cats, growing up. I have just one at the moment, a 6 year old female named Mindy Ther Cat ("Winnie Ther Pooh" fans may recognize the origins of that). Most of my siblings still have multiple pets including dogs, cats, horses, and miscellaneous other creatures including goats, donkeys, and large lizards.

I strongly believe that living with other species greatly enhances our lives, our understanding of how all species on this planet intersect, and ultimately our understanding of ourselves.

So now why not start a new thread (click on the Start New Thread button at the upper right of any forum topic) and tell us a bit about you! :)
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Dr. Christina

Jun 15, 2017
Thanks David, for your great work here! I totally agree that the more we see all species (even rocks and trees and water) as equal parts of the web of life, the better quality of life we will all share.

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