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Eyelid surgery post operative healing


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Oct 22, 2018
A friend of mine has a 5 yr old dog who has had recurrent eyelid skin cyst that seems to grow back, drains and then regrows. She is having surgery next Tuesday, her vet is telling her he performs a lot of these, I tried to talk her into using a remedy as this dog may have allergies she is also trying g to address. After the surgery what would be best for healing along with the antibiotics I am sure she will give him, is arnica 30 c or 200 c best and pellet or dissolved in after and q tipped daily or hourly? Thank you. I feel so bad for this dog because I know if addressed with homeopathic remedy it may shrink but her life is very busy. Thank you.

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi Joanne-

Thanks for helping your friend's pup. Either potency should work to relieve post-op symptoms. With succussions and Q-tip dosing, it can be repeated whenever any drop in BEAM is seen. This may be once, or daily, hourly, or even more often.

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