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Earth Animal's Nature's Protection for Fleas and Ticks


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Aug 3, 2019
Hi Everyone

Dr. Jeff wanted me to post this information for everyone. Here is a link to see all our products. All Our Products

Earth Animal Nature’s Protection Flea and Tick Program

First, I must stress that our Nature's Protection program repels bugs, it does not kill them. So, if your animal has fleas already it would be helpful to be flea free first. This would give the products a chance to work more effectively.

This is accomplished by vacuuming your home at least once a day and making sure after vacuuming that you empty the canister or bag right away and outside, not in the trash can in the home, they will just jump back out into your house. Washing all bedding, including your bed sheets if your animal sleeps on the bed with you. Finding a safe and appropriate shampoo, like our Nature’s Protection Herbal Shampoo, to bathe your dog in once a week until the fleas are gone. You can start our products beforehand to help with this process.

If your area is more prone to ticks, we also recommend using a flea comb on your animal. The flea come has teeth that are very close together and can possibly pick up small and baby ticks.

We have two internal powders which are our main flea and tick products. We suggest using one of the two powders all year round. You want to slowly introduce the powders to your animals (see instructions below). Once you are up to the single dosage we recommend increasing to a double dose during the heavy season. We also recommend when starting the double dose again start out slowly.

Which powder to use?

We have our Nature's Protection Daily Internal Powder that is Brewer’s Yeast based and our Daily Herbal Internal Powder (Yeast Free). Cats seem to like the brewer’s yeast more than the herbal (Herbs are bitter). We recommend the herbal for dogs more because some dogs seem to have more allergies to the brewer’s yeast than cats. Dr. Bob's wife and partner Susan uses both powders at a 50/50 mixture to get the added benefit of both. The brewer’s yeast is a little more medicinal, but both powders work the exact same way.

If you have a pregnant or nursing animal, we recommend only using the Daily Internal Powder with Brewer’s Yeast. This is also more beneficial because of the calcium that is in the powder will help support both mother and the litter. The reason we do not recommend the herbal (yeast free) is because to many herbs can stimulate and induce early labor.

How to initially start:

Start with a 1/4 of the recommended dose. Give this for 4 to 5 days. You do not want to detox the body to quickly. You are also looking for any allergic reaction. After the 4 to 5 days and there is no loose stool, excessive itching or vomiting (rare cases) then increase by another 1/4 dose. Again, wait the 4 to 5 days and if all is well, continue like this until you are on the full dose. When increasing to the double dose follow the same instructions. You can stop the double dose when the first good frost hits. If you live in a warm climate and don’t have a cold period you can give the double dose all year round.

The way both powders work as well as our herbal tincture (oral drops) is that they change the blood chemistry of the animal, so the bugs do not want to bite them.

If you have ever been to a BBQ or Picnic and some people are getting bitten by bugs and some people are not. The people that are not getting bitten, their blood chemistry is more alkaline which make the blood taste and smell bitter to the bugs and so they do not want to bite you. The people that are being bitten by bugs, their blood chemistry is more acidic which the blood tasted and smells sweet to the bugs, and in return want to bite you. Our powders do the same thing, they change the blood chemistry of the animal, so the bugs do not want to bite them. It also helps strengthen their immune system.

Our No More Fleas and Ticks herbal tincture (oral drops) we suggest using only during the heavy season. You can put this directly in your animal mouth, which is the preferred method. Some animal do not like the taste of herbs, so we recommend putting the drops in their food or in fresh drinking water twice a day. If your heavy season is all year round, we recommend giving the drops 3 weeks on and 1 week off. This is so the body has a rest from the herbs to work more efficiently.

We also recommend especially if you are in a heavy flea or tick area to do at least one of our external Nature’s Protection products. Flea Collar, Spot-On, Bug Spray and Shampoo. By using both internal and external you are having an extra added benefit from making the body healthier from the inside and with the essential oils repelling from the outside of the body.

Please note that since these products are natural the oral products will take some time to get into the system to work fully. Depending on the animal it can take up to 2 to 3 months once on the full dosage to really get into the system and work.

More Tips:

Giving Nature’s Protection Product to Puppies

We recommend not giving any of our Nature Protection products until they are at least 12 weeks old. You want to wait until their natural immune system is fully developed.

Nature’s Protection Bug Spray

With our Nature’s Protection Herbal Bug Spray, make sure you get it on your pets skin not just their coat. Use a cloth or your hand and start working it into their feet, then work your way up their legs and the rest of their body. Do this in the morning and then lightly reapply it a couple more times during the day if needed. For Example: going hiking or in a high tick area. If you dog goes swimming you might need to reapply after they are dry You can also use the spray on yourself.

Nature’s Protection Herbal Shampoo

How to properly bathe your animal to kill as many fleas as possible.

When Fleas feel any kind of moisture they will run and hide in the first orifice they can find. So pouring or spraying water on them first before putting the shampoo on their body, will not kill most of them. What you want to do, and this is where the term “Flea Dip” comes in to play. Fill your tub up with warm water and a little bit of the shampoo. Make sure the water will only go up as far as their neck. Never make it deep enough to submerge your pets head. We recommend using our Nature’s Protection Herbal Flea and Tick Shampoo. Now you want to take your fingers and massage your pets’ body so that the soapy water gets through the fur and to the skin where the fleas live. This will drown them completely. Once done with that you can drain the water and shampoo your pet like you normally would. You will find this more effective and kill more fleas.

Nature’s Protection Daily Internal Powder

If you have a pregnant or nursing pet, we recommend using just our Nature’s Protection Daily Internal Powder with the brewer’s yeast. We do not recommend any herbal products because to many herbs can induce early labor. Our Daily Internal powder also contains calcium which will help both mother and babies when nursing.

For Ticks and Fleas

Remember nothing is 100% not even chemicals so always have a couple of flea combs in your car and back porch. The teeth on the comb are so close together that they can pick up small ticks if combed properly. Check your dog or cat at least twice a day if not more depending on where you live or have traveled. People using our Nature’s Protection Products have found ticks on their pets, but the majority were not embedded.

Why so many Products? Which do I choose?

The reason we have so many products in our Nature’s Protection line is because not every pet parent’s situation is the same. Some are more concerned with fleas and other with ticks, then there are the ones that are concerned with both. A pet parent that lives in Florida is going to need to use more products and more often than someone in Maine. Someone in a city will have different needs than someone in the country. If you need help deciding which is best for your pets and situation, please contact Earth Animals Customer Service at 855-326-4625.

We hope all this information has helped.

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