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Daylight Savings Supplemental Support for kitties


Community Member
Jun 24, 2021
Hello friends,

Is there any supplemental support I can give my kitties to adjust to daylight savings time? Jackson The Cat Daddy mentioned this in one of his recent you tube videos but didn't say what kind. I am also working later hours now and cannot feed them at our usual time. plus now that time change has made it even later so I have resorted to using an automatic timer feeder with some freeze dried. chicken from Stella and chewy because they mostly eat raw and cannot feed raw in a feeder. I give them a little dried food to hold them over until I get home. The problem is I don't know if the alpha cat is getting to it before the runt. I don't know who hears is prop open. Its also not a very loud sound when it pops open. Thank you for your help!! @annahagopian @drjeff @Dr. Christina @Dr. Jean Hofve @Dr.Eli I am not certain who is best to tag for what topics. THANK YOU Anna

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Sounds like flower essences might help...

I bet Drs. Jean and/or Christina can point you to specific helpful products.

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