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Bump that looks like a pimple


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Aug 13, 2017
Hello - this evening, during the ritual petting time with my 11 yo dog Xia, I felt a bump on her skin under the fur on her right shoulder. This bump looks like pus filled pimple, but I fear it may be something more serious (e.g., a parasite). Xia's BEAM is good. This bump is in the area where Xia might be able to reach with her mouth, but she does not seem to be biting it or scratching it. I have attached a photo.

Xia is on a home-prepared organic raw food diet, and she gets Earth Animal Nature's Protection powder to aid in repelling fleas and ticks. We live in San Francisco, and ticks are not very common here.

In the past, Dr. Jeff has prescribed Silicea to help Xia with her itching and other symptoms. I also read that Silicea effectively aborts pus formation, so I gave her a dose before posting this message to the forum.

Although Xia's BEAM is good, and observation might be the logical next step, I am concerned that my inaction may worsen the situation. Therefore, I am turning to this group for advice about possible treatments and, secondarily, what may be the cause.

Additional details:
  1. Pet's name: Xia
  2. Approximate age: 11 years
  3. Sex: Female
  4. Neutering status: spayed
  5. Breed: Chihuahua mix
  6. Approximate weight: 8.5 lbs
  7. What's their BEAM (behavior, energy, appetite, mood): Good on all fronts
  8. Diet: Varied, organic home prepared raw food diet supplemented with probiotics and omegas; and daily Earth Animal Nature's Protection powder to aid in repelling
  9. Vaccination history / exposure to toxins, other medication: Vaccinated up to the age of 5; at that time we were introduced to holistic actions and stopped with all medicines other then homeopathic remedies to treat acute symptoms
  10. Primary problem, when it began and if there was anything else happening around that time: Today I noticed a bump on the skin that looks like a pimple, no other significant events occurred in past few days.
  11. Is the condition better or worse from exercise, heat, cold, time of day, certain foods, emotional upset, being touched, excitement, etc? Xia was not bothered when I touched it however, I was not able to observe any other modalities.
  12. Has any diagnostic work been done? Diagnosis if available (you can attach your diagnostic tests to the post if you have them): None
  13. Current and previous treatment: None
  14. Other health concerns: None

Xia pimple.jpg

Xia pimple close up.png

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Wow, Ive how fantastic that you've put the bump (an eruption in repertory speak) into context of Xia's bigger picture!

You did the perfect holistic action (giving the Sil).

I am concerned that my inaction may worsen the situation.
Yes, "caveman medicine" (as described to me by @beccak ) may not be the best thing to do right now. Your concern may be best addressed by scheduling a routine exam with your local vet.

See what they think. Depending on the vet, they may want to send you home with anti-biotics.

Perhaps take them if offered but you may want to observe for a few days before anything else (except possibly redosing depending on the potency of the Sil).

Good work my friend!

BTW-When and what did you dose (remedy wise) before the Sil?

Dr. Sara

HA! Faculty
Dec 30, 2018
Dear Ive,
This could be something evil, though as it is small and not bothering Xia, there is a strong likelihood that it is simply an irritation of a hair follicle. It is wise to set up a time to have it examined. However, I would apply warm Epsom salt compresses to the area for 5-10 minutes up to three times daily while you are waiting for the appointment. A lot of the time these open and drain, resolving quite nicely on their own.
Stay well,
Dr. Sara


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Aug 13, 2017
Hello Dr. Sara and Jeff -

Luckily, I already have an appointment with Xia's vet booked for this Wednesday. That will be exactly a week since I discovered the bump.

I am keeping a close eye on the area, and there has been no change. Xia's BEAM is still perfect. I am applying a warm salt compress. Unfortunately, I did not have Epson salt, so I am using sea salt (from the coastal town in Croatia where I spent summers as a kid).

I used the lowest potency Sil I have, which is 6C. I mixed a few pellets in a cup of water, stirred it ten times, and applied it to Xia's gums using a q-tip. I plan on re-dosing today. I wondered if I should increase the potency since there has been no change. However, I believe that 6C is already on the high end of the spectrum for an 8.5lb dog. I have Sil in 200C and 1M on hand.

To answer dr. Jeff's question - the last time I gave Xia a remedy was about three months ago. In May of this year, I used Aconite 200C (the lowest potency I had available) to treat sudden offset of coughing. I chose that remedy after reading Dr. Sara's article on treating kennel cough (Watch a puppy grow...). I gave Xia three doses over one week, and that is how long it took for the cough to subside.

Thank you all for such a prompt and detailed response. I will keep you posted on how things progress.


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