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Archie's Therapeautic Tick (and Sniff) Walk

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi @everyone-

Just back from a "Let Archie Lead" (thanks Kathleen for letting me adapt your words) sniff walk with Archie. Thinking about his tick exposure (which are re-emerging on 9/18 thanks to the cooler weather)

I guess it was actually a sniff walk for him and an awe walk (thanks Dr. Keltner) for me. Observing the awe-inspiring beauty of the rural roads around me is a great way to bust stress, and stimulate a relaxed parasympathetic state.

Awe is also scientifically known to improve immune function and resilience.

As breathing exercises are known to do in people, Archie's sniffing was probably increasing his cellular energy which could also improve his immunity.

So, back to the tick exposure question. Archie's only artificial protection is a very effective permethrin (an insecticide) impregnated Insect Shield impregnated bandana.

And he was walking through high grass and likely getting exposed to tick hitchhikers in any area of his body not covered by the lone bandana.

I think it's worth the "risk" but don't recommend you try this at home (unless you also want to give your pets' immune system a workout)!

Anyway, the point of this post was mainly to point out another Circular Health connection (both Archie and I tuned-up our immune systems.

It's also an example of HMDM Step 3 (implementation) where my HMDM Step 1 (goal) was to help our inner balance.
A different goal would be to avoid ticks (and then you'd use super essentials ois like from animaleo.com)..

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