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Anesthesia Choices/Mammary Tumor/Not spayed until 7 y.o.


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Jul 29, 2017
History: Reyah is my 11-year-old Springer who was surrendered to a shelter in July 2015 with an ulcerated mammary tumor. Surrendering owners noticed her small lump in May 2014. Owners declined the recommended mastectomy and spay. The shelter did these surgeries in August 2015. X-rays revealed metastasis to her lung. I fostered Reyah before and after the surgery and planned to do hospice care with her as the vet thought she'd live another 6 to 9 months. I adopted her after her surgery so I could be 'in charge' of her care. I had two other dogs at the time and the three got along well until Reyah came home from her surgery. She immediately went after my two other dogs. I separated her from them for two years until they both died.

Ketamine was used as part of Reyah's anesthesia during her 2015 surgery and I've wondered if her behavior change was the result of the ketamine. Don Hamilton talks about this briefly in his book.

What are the current thoughts about anesthesia in general? And ketamine specifically? Reyah now has a new mammary tumor which may result in surgery. She is a client of Dr. Jeff's.

I'm grateful that I have these questions to ask. The 6 to 9 months as turned into over 3 years.

Thank you!


Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hi Kristen-

Yes, her continued good BEAM is a wonderful gift!

Anesthesia and surgery are stressors that can be better tolerated with homeopathic dosing for a few weeks prior surgery.

I'd totally avoid Ketamine if possible.

Dr. Jeff

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