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    Oh my, I've had dogs like that too in the past. One of my Dals shredded any fabric he could get his mouth on. It was once recommended to me that when I would give Rescue Remedy to a dog (or any animal), that I take it too. Wanted to add that to the conversation.
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    Decreasing Your Pets Risk of Lyme Using Vitality, Balance and Chickens!

    Thanks for listing these products for future use!
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    Join the Celery Juice for Pets Movement!

    Thanks Julie, I haven't had much luck with this. I'll give that a try!
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    Reyah's Mammary Tumor

    Reyah's condition got the best of her and she died last Friday afternoon. I am most grateful and appreciative of the attention, care, and compassion Reyah and I received from @Dr. Jeff in the hours before her death. She's buried in my back yard beside my beloved Tassule. It's been 10 years...
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    Lytic & mothy hip bone, possible bone cancer

    Wanting to share my limited experience with the ketogenic diet with Reyah (history of, and current, mammary tumors with metastasis to lungs). I too was concerned about pulling away the really good variety of foods from her diet, but most of all her joy of eating. Eating and going for walks...
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    How to Prevent Many Dis-eases in Your Pets

    I live close to Harrisburg, PA, and a friend of mine brought a dog back from Puerto Rico a month or so ago. She and her husband do a lot of rescue work in PR. The dog was given HWP in Puerto Rico and now has tested positive for heartworm. I've shared highlights of this thread with my friend...
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    Need Creative Bandaging Ideas

    @Dr. Christina -- I always do because I learned that from you! I used to keep a small bowl of water with Flea Free in it along with her regular water. The fleas are pretty much gone and she started drinking from the regular water bowl. Now I have RR in her large bowl and that's where she...
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    Need Creative Bandaging Ideas

    Thanks @amyland -- I found a washable diapers that I used for my big lab a few years ago and wrap them around her the opposite way that they're supposed to be used. Putting nonstick gauze inside for absorption. They look like this: Cleansing with goldenseal and using the Stem Gel green tea...
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    Need Creative Bandaging Ideas

    Thank you both! She was wearing a t-shirt when I first brought her home with an ulcerating mammary tumor years ago so I've already tried one. I used one of my old t-shirts and actually think I need a child's shirt. And maybe putting something absorbent inside. I wasn't able to find the exact...
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    Need Creative Bandaging Ideas

    Hi all! Looking for ideas on how to deal with my 11-year-old Springer Spaniel, Reyah. She has a large mammary tumor that I'm addressing with @Dr. Jeff. It's located in front of her back right leg. Reyah is able to lick the tumor and she has licked a small area open, about 1 x 1.5 inches...
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    Supplements can't hurt my pets, right?

    Thanks Nicci -- good information!
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    Nutritional Consultations for Your Pets

    I'm definitely interested in hearing more from Nicci!
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    Nutritional Consultations for Your Pets

    I'm definitely interested in hearing more from Nicci and comparing notes.
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    Answers Dog Food Question

    I see...we should meet at Doglicious when you're in this area some time! Yes, I use the Vitality Blend that was talked about during that Empower Hour along with broccoli seed extract that can reduce tumor growth/size. That's my simplified explanation! Thanks Liz!
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    Answers Dog Food Question

    Forgot something -- @Dr. Christina , @Dr. Jeff , or anyone... Looking at Kent -- STOMACH, APPETITE, wanting -- this is how I described Reyah close to the beginning of this thread, always wanting to eat. How is wanting different than insatiable and/or ravenous? She has never stolen food from a...