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    Diarrhea for kittens / cats in general

    I was reading the other thread about pumpkin and constipation. Does pumpkin also work for diarrhea, maybe after a short fast? Why is it that one food would help both extremes? Thanks! Kristen
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    Chicken Neck Question

    Thanks @Dr. Jeff and @ginnyw -- I tried holding chicken necks for him his third week with me. He may have thought I wanted them back and let them go. Tried holding them for him this week (week 8)...dangerous for me! He's so excited and grabs to get it, grabbing my hand too. Tonight I tried...
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    QEST 4 testing

    Thank you @Dr. Erin -- useful information!
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    QEST 4 testing

    Attaching the scanned brochure for QEST4 I received at Charlie's vet appointment. I chose not to have it done now, primarily due to the cost. If I'm remembering correctly, it was $400. Still in the research and decision phase! Hope this is helpful.
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    Chicken Neck Question

    Another thing about Charlie is that he doesn't chew his food. I've only heard him chew a piece of a chicken neck a couple of times. The first time I gave him a whole chicken neck he took into another room and put it on the sofa! Two other times he swallowed them whole. Now I cut them into...
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    Stomach/Appetite Question

    Charlie is fully transitioned to a raw diet now, mostly fresh. I'm not sure it totally agrees with him so am reviewing other threads on the forum and listening to the Empower Hours on dysbiosis. In stomach/appetite, I'm wondering what the difference is between insatiable, ravenous, and...
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    Granger new Dane pup

    SUPER gorgeous!!! I hope she can find a place. Kristen
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    Charlie's Embark Results

    Thank you @Dr. Sara -- they are so much fun!!! I appreciate the feedback about the ALT. Charlie's first vet appointment is this coming Thursday and I'm looking forward to learning more about him then. He is such a sweetheart! Thanks again! Kristen
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    Charlie's Embark Results

    Wasn't sure where to post this...thinking reducing cancer risk might be a good place. The results from Charlie's DNA testing arrived yesterday and today. Only one thing showed up in the health area and it's considered a clinical trait --Alanine Aminotransferase Activity result: Low Normal...
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    Homeopathy vs herbs: herbs, mushrooms overload system?

    No, @Dr. Christina , I was seeing Melissa McFarland at Cape Horn Vets in York, PA. She attended the six-day class you did in MD where I served as your registrar. I'll be sure to post what the new vet has to say!
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    Storing Homeopathic Solutions

    I usually hang onto remedy solutions that I make long after I'm not using them any more. 1 pellet to 1 cup water, in a glass jar, refrigerated. Is this recommended? Could I use this preparation again if needed? What about those repeat succussions done before re-dosing? Would I have to...
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    Homeopathy vs herbs: herbs, mushrooms overload system?

    I was going to pose a question about Chinese herbs, single and blends, but this thread seems to answer my question. Charlie has his first conventional vet appointment soon. I had to find a new vet because the one I used has stopped practicing to stay home with her family. That vet had...
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    Empower Hour Training Topics for 2020

    That's a great idea! I always look forward to Monday evenings though, no matter what the topic. Thanks for the holiday wishes...same to you and Amy! Kristen
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    Snuffling to Reduce Cancer (or other) Symptoms

    Thanks @Dr. Jeff -- I'll try a tablespoon and see how it goes. Charlie is not overweight and he's definitely not active! Some days it's hard to get him to walk around my neighborhood circle. If he sees a squirrel, everything stops. He seems to alert me to it and expects me to do something...