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    Treat Ideas for Training Class

    Ahhh...thanks for the hint and the links! I'll check it out along with the Dermoscent Spot On. Penny and Ernie have a nice routine around meals and I'm sure in other ways. I forgot to mention I use the Ziwi with the snuffle mat too. It's so easy to break into small pieces. Thanks again!
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    Treat Ideas for Training Class

    Charlie loves Ziwi too! I'm only using it for training which we work on every day. I can also say that Charlie loves to eat ANYTHING!!! He loves to be fed! The new 'flavors' weren't listed on Chewy's site, maybe they sold out already, so I ordered beef. I am trying to look at the TCM...
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    Treat Ideas for Training Class

    Thanks @lizkunz -- I'm packing up to take Charlie to class later today and realized I'm running low. I'm going to try a different kind. He likes them and the size works well. Kristen
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    In Loving Memory of Vanya Feinman

    Deep, deep peace to you @Dr. Jeff and @AmyFeinman, and Archie and Tiggy too...Vanya continues to hold lessons for all of us and my gratitude for that also continues.
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    Treat Ideas for Training Class

    Great, thank you! I just ordered everything so he'll have a nice variety. The others dogs will be jealous I'm sure! I'm excited for the both of us! Kristen
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    Treat Ideas for Training Class

    Thank you so much for the ideas. I'm very excited and Charlie will love being around other dogs. Right, I know the treats have to be tiny because of the frequency. My poor hand, hopefully he'll learn to wait instead of grab for them! Thanks again! Kristen
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    Treat Ideas for Training Class

    @jenbridwell & @LisaW -- I'll be starting Charlie in a Basic Manners class this coming Sunday. I need some ideas on small treats to use in class and then for practice at home. I'm assuming he'll be getting more than what he usually gets. Thanks! Kristen
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    Chinese herbal to stop bleeding

    I bought mine last year from Best Chinese Medicines. Would like to know if that's an okay place to buy from. Yunnan Baiyao Capsules, Powder & Plaster (Patch) | Best Chinese Medicines Kristen
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    Charlie Update -- Vet Visit

    @Dr. Jeff -- I wanted to give you some updates on Charlie from last Monday's vet appointment. I was surprised to find out he has hookworms. I'm going to start him on Verm-X today. He's not had this supplement before. He received the praziquantel injection when he had tapeworms. Do I need to do...
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    Naturally Deworming Dogs

    @Dr. Sara -- thank you so much! Glad I asked about splitting the dose. I heard back from the vet and he has hook worms. Charlie rarely has a bm in the yard and I'm usually with him so they get cleaned up right away. If there's a surprise, I get it the next day and am always checking. Recently...
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    Naturally Deworming Dogs

    @Dr. Sara -- Hi --quick question about Verm-X liquid. Charlie has intestinal parasites again. I'm waiting to hear back from the vet about which one. I have Verm-X but never started it, choosing the injection instead because he was losing weight. Then I forgot! Wondering if I should split the...
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    Storing Liquid Stock Remedies

    I just q-tip dosed Charlie nux v, 200c, from a liquid stock bottle. Succussed the stock bottle 10x, then put a drop from the stock bottle into 8 oz of water. I think I'm saying all of this accurately. Where do I store the stock bottle? Thanks! Kristen
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    Holistic treatment for gut inflammatory issues

    It was a shipping issue. An order was delivered to the wrong address and I had trouble getting it from the people so I ordered again. The USPS then intervened and I had double the product. I had tried some of her things for UTIs in a sweet Lab I had, Mutteen. Died when he was 17.5 years. Miss him...
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