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Stray Puppy. Vaccinate?


Community Member
Apr 5, 2023
Hello, I hope you are all well.
I have moved to a new house and there is a puppy in the neighborhood. It is very common in Greece to have dogs in the streets. She is around 5 months old. I don't think she ll become very big. She is lovely but I cannot adopt her. However, I would like to provide some health care for her. Should I take her to the vet for the first vaccines? What do you suggest me?

Dr. Christina

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Jun 15, 2017
Thanks so much for helping this pup.

First step is to educate yourself more about vaccines and the need for them. Even though you are not adopting this pup, take the 101 course for lots of information about keeping her well. Minimizing the number of vaccines is your best option.

Most importantly, she is probably old enough to be spayed and if on the street this will prevent more street puppies.

Most clinics, and I do not know about Greece, require some vaccines in order to do the surgery. It is better to give them several weeks before the surgery, if possible. Rabies vaccine is needed for her. In my opinion, she has developed her own natural immunity because of being still healthy and on the streets, so I would not suggest giving any of the other vaccines. Maybe the veterinary clinic would draw blood and check titers for parvo and distemper and agree to not give any vaccines except Rabies.

Most dogs will not be harmed by one or two sets of vaccines.

Also, you could go to our article on finding and working with holistic veterinarians (there are a few in Greece listed) and go to all the web sites to see if any may be near you.

Dr. Christina

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