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Hello from Christine and Hope


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Jul 16, 2019
Hello All,

I lost my soul-dog Koby, a Maltese, in May 2020. He was 14 yo and a patient of Dr. Jeff's (thank you, @Dr. Jeff and @Dr. Christina for introducing me to HA!).

I didn't think I could ever stop grieving over the loss of Koby and be a guardian to another dog again... until I met this pretty lady. Hope was a stray; she is ~ 11yo. We're not sure about her breed. I was told she was in a real bad shape – super matted coat and covered with fleas. She has very bad teeth and she limps (her foster mom thinks she was hit by a car ?) . I met her foster mom and her on 1/15/21 and we “clicked” right away!

When I saw her photos for the first time, I thought to name this little lady “HOPE” if she would have me. Unbeknownst to me, her foster mom had named her Hope two days prior to our meeting. I think we’re meant to be! My Koby, of course, will always and forever have that special place in my heart and I will continue to think about him every day. However, after meeting Hope, I’ve learned that it’s not really about my feelings (i.e. fear of losing again) but it’s more about saving and caring for another dog’s life. I love Hope and I think she knows that.

Due to Koby’s health issues, I started digging into holistic treatments, fresh feeding and homeopathy! I'm so thankful I am able to join the weekly webinars and be on the forum again. I look forward to learning (and re-learning) on this awesome and loving platform so I can give Hope the best.

Love, Christine and Hope

P.S. Hope is getting very accustomed to her new home and food! She's found a few favorite spots in the house. Her favorite food of the week is (raw) duck. She is getting accustomed to sitting in the Assisi Loop Lounge because she gets massaged (with AnimalEO oils) while she’s in there every time. She is not limping as much anymore ?

Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Welcome back, Christine!

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful words about Koby and Hope with us.?

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