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10year old staffy with severe allergies


Feb 6, 2023
Hi :) hope its ok to post for my neighbour's dog who has the need for one of those plastic buckets around his neck so that he won't scratch his eye to death!

His problem started - hmmm - maybe like six months ago with a nasty ear infection, for which he received antibiotics. From there on, he had more problems with his ears, plus many other allergies, frequently scratching his body to the point of bleeding. Plus, his ears have thickened?

I have recommended quercetin, probiotics, CBD and turmeric bites. That is all based on my experience with Indi.

Maybe you can recommend something more effective as the case is pretty severe.
Oh, and the dog (carter) also has seperation anxiety - according to me 🤞

his owner is a truck driver and is away more than not, leaving his dog locked in a garage (front wired hence he has light and air.) When the owner was away overnight, he would bark and howl through the night but now we take carter to sleep at our place, but he cannot stay during the day because he has dog aggression due to having been previously attacked .

Meanwhile, we have been recommended a great homeopath for Indi - and I am thinking that maybe Mr Carter (the neighbour's dog) would do well with homeopathics?

Also he is currently still on kibbles - Hopefully that will change real soon!

Dr Jeff

HA! Support

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Mar 11, 2021
Hi, @MarijkeH ,
kudos to you for caring so much about your neighbor's dog.
It looks like there are quite a few visible symptoms: from ear infections to separation anxiety.
Although supplements can definitely support the body, and your advice shows your neighbor how much you care, it's ultimately up to your neighbor to make the changes in his dog's life...
If you have watched/read our materials, you noticed that we do NOT treat symptoms. There may be suggestions how to soothe certain symptoms, however, the internal imbalance needs to be addressed with usually bigger changes:
  • proper nutrition
  • optimal engagement/stimulation
  • loving actions/spending quality time with the pet
  • energetic approach: homeopathy can definitely benefit any animal (or human)
Have you had a chance to read through our Holistic pet care 101 course? We suggest you read through it again and again to really build the foundation of understanding how holistic approach works and how to make long lasting changes in animals' lives.

Best of luck to you and Mr. Carter
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