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  1. N

    Pregnant dog diagnosed with Lyme - Need help deciding safest treatment route

    Hi there everyone - looking for some opinions and advice. I apologize for the long post!!! for reference Eva is a 2 year old female 26 pound lagotto romangolo. Eva was diagnosed with lymes saturday 11/11/23 she was totally fine and normal prior to 11/11, and when woke up in the morning, she...
  2. JulyS

    Female feline with a bad bladder infection

    My 15.5 year old little lady (domestic short-hair, indoor/outdoor spayed female) had a UTI for a couple weeks I think. I've been giving her d-mannose and vitamin C and I thought it was in check, as she wasn't having bathroom issues anymore. But she stopped eating and her BEAM was off so I took...
  3. JulyS

    Flower essence questions

    I am about to order the vaccine flower essence as my dog is past due on rabies. As I look through I see many I want to try. I have a few questions. 1. Are there preferred brands? I am currently on the Jackson Galaxy/Spirit Essence website. 2. How many is too many? I've got a kitty with kidney...
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