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Recent content by tsharlo1

  1. tsharlo1

    Raw organ meat for dogs - Kidney and Heart

    I get organ meat from small local organic farms Do you have any within reasonable driving distance? maybe check farm markets. You can also order online from www.mypetcarnivore.com
  2. tsharlo1

    7 yo BMD with Arthritis

    Thank you Dr. Sara
  3. tsharlo1

    7 yo BMD with Arthritis

    Thank you for your comments and additional information. Debbie
  4. tsharlo1

    7 yo BMD with Arthritis

    Buxton is a 7yo intact male BMD. He has been raw fed his entire life and rabies is the only vaccine he has had. At 2 yo OFA X-rays were done and showed grade 2 elbow with DJD and FCP. He has not had any issues with that elbow until recently. He has had Trixsyn and green lipped mussel for several...
  5. tsharlo1

    Lamb feet

    This is Kedron gnawing on a lamb leg when she was about 3 months old. i didn’t let her eat the whole leg But she sure enjoyed it!
  6. tsharlo1

    Eye goo

    Buxton has had eye discharge in his left eye only for several weeks. Sometimes green but most often brown. I wipe it out in the morning and don’t usually need to wipe again until next morning. His BEAM is good so I haven’t worried about it. It is gradually lessening. No symptoms of rubbing or...
  7. tsharlo1

    Adenocarcinoma of the thyroid

    Thanks for checking on Sunshine, my brother’s dog. He had surgery February 9th and they removed both thyroids and 1 parathyroid. He is now on thyroid meds and they are monitoring calcium levels for the parathyroid. They are not recommending radiation or chemo which is good news! He did well...
  8. tsharlo1

    Adenocarcinoma of the thyroid

    Thank you for sharing about your dog’s thyroid tumor. Glad it was benign and hope she continues to do fine.
  9. tsharlo1


    Hi Christine, I leave mine out but he knows when the treats are gone and only goes to it for his dedicated mat time. If he is outside I just tell him ‘mat time’ and he comes in. Sometimes that is a way to get him in when he would prefer to stay out in 15 degree weather!
  10. tsharlo1


    Christine, I had a female who lived to over 12 and was not spayed. She was under the care of Dr. Jeff for other health issues. Dr. Jeff is over 6 hours from me so all was done by phone. I also had a very good relationship with my local vet and he was supportive of my decisions for any...
  11. tsharlo1


    I used freeze dried treats or Ziwi Peak air dried food In his snuffle mat. Buxton uses his snuffle mat twice a day but it doesn’t take him long to get about 15 small treats. I also hide treats around the house that he has to find. I started easy until he learned the game. Now I can hide them in...
  12. tsharlo1

    Adenocarcinoma of the thyroid

    Yes, blood tests were done and were ok. There was protein in the urine. He did test negative for Lyme. Unfortunately the vet gave him lepto and Lyme vaccines. No, the lump wasn’t noticed before the vet. He took him in for a wellness check and mentioned the dog seemed to pant a lot. Because...
  13. tsharlo1

    Adenocarcinoma of the thyroid

    I'm looking for comments about adenocarcinoma of the thyroid. About 2 months ago my brother took in an 8.5 yo golden retriever when the previous owner passed away. The dog is a very sweet boy and transitioned nicely to my brother's home. The vet found a 3 cm lump on his larynx and did a fine...
  14. tsharlo1

    ALLERGIES - Itching, biting, licking paws, legs, chest, feet, privates and constipation (from ingesting too much hair probably)

    Tammi, I heard about your itching issues on the Empower hour last night. This may be a wild idea but have you considered the possibility of bed bugs? A friend has a dog trained to detect bed bugs. Debbie
  15. tsharlo1

    What to do About Ticks?

    Thank you for the info!
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