Reconnection Circle

for the Love of Pets, Humans & the Planet

“The Sacred Ceremonies do not belong to Indians alone, they can be done by all who have the right attitude and who are honest and sincere about their beliefs in Wakan Tanka (Great Spirit) and follow the rules.  Survival of the world depends on sharing what we have and working together.” ~Medicine Chief Frank Fools Crow of the Oglala Sioux Nation

Join us for this unique webinar series, as Grandmother Nancy, a French Algonquin elder, sheds light on the interconnectedness of everything here on our Mother Earth with storytelling & ritual.

Drs. Allen Shoen and Jeff Feinman will help integrate Grandma’s indigenous teachings with the scientific actions that help improve the overall health and life experiences of both people and pets.

Sunday, February 19th {recording available}
Relationship between humans and animals

Sunday, March 19th
What “medicine” animals bring?

Sunday, April 16th

How can animals guide us in our daily life?

Join us and let’s learn together how to become better animal guardians and stewards of our home – Mother Earth.

The Water Song

Grandmother Nancy was asked by her elders to share the beautiful Algonquin “Water Song” with women everywhere. “Water is the life’s blood of Mother Earth, and water is the life’s blood of our body.”

Grandmother Nancy

Grandmother Nancy, is a French Algonquin elder who has much to teach us about the Native American understanding of the natural world. She sheds light on the interconnectedness of people, animals and all of nature.

Grandma is a captivating storyteller about the miracles of nature whether two or four-legged, flying, crawling, swimming, or rooted in Mother Earth. Her universal stories all teach about a life force that can be harnessed to help all living beings.

Full List of Events

Sunday, February 19th {recording available}

Relationship between humans and animals (1.5h)

Looking at the relationship between humans and animals through the lens of Native American culture.

Sunday, March 19th, 3pm ET | 12pm PT | 9AM 3/17 NZT

What “medicine” animals bring? (1.5h)

Looking at different animals and what they teach us, what specific “medicine” each animal brings.

Sunday, April 16th, 3pm ET | 12pm PT | 9AM 4/17 NZT

How can animals guide us in our daily life? (1.5h)

A discussion of the meaning of animal clan names in Native American Tribes and an exploration of animal spirit guides.


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As the old saying goes – “Everything old is new again”.
Mainstream culture, politics and medicine are recognizing how critical it is NOW to embrace this new paradigm of loving actions that work with the world all around us.
Please join Grandma, Jeff and Allen for these fun and transformative webinars that celebrate life and the miraculous beauty & power all around and inside us.

Dr. Allen Shoen is one of the pioneers in holistic, integrative veterinary medicine. He is also the founder of C.A.L.M (Conscious Animal Lovers Movement) and his vision is to harness the healing power of the love of animals globally to help create a healthier, happier, more harmonious world.


Dr. Jeff Feinman, the organizer, is a holistic veterinarian, molecular biologist, and a founder of Holistic Actions!, an online educational platform that helps pet parents navigate their pet health choices. Dr. Jeff is dedicated to bringing awareness of energy and energy healing modalities into traditional medicine. He is very passionate about the bigger impact of human-animal bond on Earth.


“Just a short mail to share how grateful I feel that you created the opportunity for us to meet GrandMa Nancy ❤ I listened to the webinar recording and I just felt like sharing with you how much I enjoyed it. So much wisdom she shared. And so much joy for me to listen to her. A big thank you. Looking forward to the next session.” ~ Virginie