Archie was rescued July 2018.

We are his fourth home so you can imagine that he has lots of emotional “baggage”.

His fears limit his life.

Restricting a full life in any way is the Vitality and Balance System (VBS) definition of imbalance or dis-ease.

In Archie’s case, it is imbalance manifesting as anxiety and fear that is keeping him from experiencing life to its fullest.

For example, he is a very agile and physical dog (can giant Yorkies do Schutzhund?), but Archie’s life is limited because he is scared of doing agility in a training class.

Dis-ease imbalances can also be seen on the physical level.

Take his high fever and inability to walk on Thanksgiving morning.

These symptoms almost kept him from enjoying his visit with friends and an awesome meal.

Fortunately, by “fine-tuning” his balance he was well by the afternoon and had a great day.

Balance gives our beloved companion animals (and us) the freedom to have full and unecumbered lives.