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The resources below can be used on your Holistic Medical Decision Making (HMDM) journey.

These conventional medicine handouts help you become fully informed about traditional procedures and approaches. Being fully informed helps you integrate modern medicine with natural healing.


Join us as we walk the holistic and homeopathic path with you.

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These video trainings introduce you to Holistic Medical Decision Making (HMDM) and help you decide what to do.


Learn how to “speak” to your pets through their symptoms. Decide how, when (or if) to vaccinate them, what to feed and how to mindfully manage their dis-eases like vaccinosis (if they occur).


Download current conventional client handouts, free reports, and other useful information.


  • Learn more about Holistic Medical Decision Making (HMDM).
  • Learn how to interpret diagnostic test for yourself (video from membership empower hour).
  • Learn the holistic approach to lameness and what to do when you don’t witness an injury (video from membership empower hour).
  • Learn the holistic approach to vomiting and what to do about it (video from membership empower hour).



Download These Free Reports

Conventional Client Handouts and Images

(for your research on non-holistic approaches to diagnosis and treatment)

Veterinary images (anatomy, x-rays, procedures, etc.)

Please note that some of these contain surgical images that may not be appropriate for children

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