You are probably here because

  • You have a furry companion or two that you dearly love and want to provide her the best care possible
  • You might feel lost in the insane amount of information and just want to know – what is the right choice to make
  • You might have started questioning the corn in the pet food and routine medication that make your pet sick
  • And you want to finally change that – learn how to feed, treat and care holistically.
Let Us Support You On Your Journey To Holistic Life With Your Pet
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You May Go On A Solo Journey Through Our Resources…


Research the large library of articles written by our faculty members on a big variety of topics, like homeopathy, puppy care, etc.


Sign up for the course on a specific topic and study on your own. Holistic essentials course offers a great foundation.


Join Holistic Actions! and become a member. Get access to holistic veterinarians, all courses, webinars, and become part of community.

…Or Follow The Roadmap Below.



Start Young

  • Learn why socializing puppies and kittens inside and out is important and how it could be, by far, the most effective way to optimize immune function.

Feed Appropriately

Avoid toxins

  • Learn how to avoid toxins, including vaccines.
  • Learn about non-toxic pet supplies, safe flea and tick prevention.

Focus on Prevention



Make Symptoms Your Friends



Learn and Practice Holistic Medical Decision Making (HMDM)

Learn Holistic Actions for Specific Diseases

  • Learn how to undo vaccine damage, care for lameness, urinary, skin, ear and other dis-eases.

 Learn Ways You Can Help Your Pet Yourself

  • Learn the basics of Homeopathic medicine (or dive deeper).
  • Learn how hugs can heal.
  • Learn about Reiki, Bach Remedies, Accupuncture, etc.



Join Like Minded Communities

  • Find a group on Facebook that practices holistic care (you are most welcome to join our group)
  • Ask friends and local community – share stories and ideas. Start a meetup group if you can’t find one!

Create A Team Of Professionals That You Trust

  • Choose a local veterinarian who will answer your questions and listen to you.
  • Find a holistic veterinarian who will support you in holistic medical decision making.
  • Find other practitioners who could compliment the care.

Keep Learning

  • Join Holistic Actions! Community for a full-on support and continual education (you can go as deep as the study of Materia Medica, homeopathic medicine dosing, first aid, etc.)

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