TAKING THE NEXT STEP: Making Homeopathy Work for You and Your Pet

JULY 27-28, 2019


2 Day In Person Event With Licensed Certified Veterinary Homeopaths Drs. Jeff Feinman and Christina Chambreau


“The Seminar was the best....I enjoyed every minute of it. What an eye opener. I learned so much and got a good refresher. Can't think of a thing I didn't like." ~ Jackie

This exciting event is especially made for you! 

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Take a deeper-dive into homeopathy for animals
  • Be able to harness the power of your animal’s natural Vitality using homeopathy
  • Use what you learn to decrease vaccinations and "anti" drugs
  • Decrease behavior problems, optimize performance of agility dogs and cats
  • Learn to use homeopathy to prevent dis-eases (imbalances) like: allergies, arthritis and cancer.
  • Practice using the homeopathic books (Organon, repertory, materia medica, etc) to select medicines for acute problems  
  • Resolve confusion about dosing and administering medicines  
  • Help your veterinary homeopath by assisting in symptom translation, case-taking, following-up and selecting a medicine  
  • Veterinarians can get a head start with using homeopathy for their patients before taking the professional course to become a certified vet homeopath 
  • Pet professionals like trainers and breeders will learn specific methods to help your clients

What Previous Students Have To Say...

When I got the opportunity to take this class, I jumped on it. Even after I'd used homeopathy with considerable success for over 20 years, this class helped me overcome the many misconceptions I had accumulated through doing my own misguided self-study & by working with well-meaning but less experienced veterinarians.

I developed much more confidence in my own ability to use my powers of observation to choose a remedy. I learned to be less disturbed by symptoms & more thankful that those symptoms were road signs that pointed me in the right direction.  

The volume & quality of information presented was so amazing that I'm still processing it. We who cherish our companion animals want to maximize their life span & keep them thriving so we can enjoy every minute we have with them & this class helps us do it. ~ Rou and Patti

I can not express strongly enough how valuable I felt attending the classes were to me. The information I learned will allow me to be a better advocate for my pets, as well as become more adept in discovering clues for treatment for my beloved rescue dogs. I found the classes to be informative in describing what homeopathy is (and isn’t) as well as it opened my understanding about how this approach does offer real hope for healing our companion animals.

 I will now remember that symptoms are our friends and are not be suppressed. The resources provided were all outstanding. Dr. Jeff is both a passionate instructor and experienced homeopathic vet who is fully committed to the wellness of our pets. 

I would wholly recommend this class to all who have companion animals. It has been a gift! ~ Eileen T.

What You Will Learn:

  • Review homeopathic principles
  •  How to better recognize, describe and collect animal symptoms through homeopathic case-taking
  • Take a deeper-dive into modalities, concomitants that reflect your individual pets' and their symptoms
  • Practice finding rubrics for your animal’s symptoms in the repertory
  • Repertorization strategies that help you narrow down remedy choices
  • How to use different materia medicas to select the medicine you will give
  • Select the best dosing for your pet’s individual needs 
  • Case-management and a deeper-dive into evaluation of response

The homeopathy class truly retrained my brain in how I think about health, and illness, in not only our companion animals, but people as well. My goal is to protect the vitality a young animal is born with and Dr. Feinman teaches you exactly how to do this. I am inherently more observant of behaviors, know how to examine my own pets, and feel more confident in the control I have over decisions about my pets’ health.  

This class provided a strong foundation to allow my pets to enjoy a full and happy life. 

It is really a necessary perspective in a world where we cover up symptoms instead of use them to guide and discover true cures. Thank you! ~ Jennifer M.



Workshop will take place on Saturday 10AM - 5.30PM and Sunday 10AM - 5.30PM. We will have 1 hour break each day for Lunch. 

Water, tea and snacks will be available. 


Streaming live online and Norfield Grange | 12 Good Hill Road | Weston, CT

Accomodations are not included. 

AGENDA. Below are the preliminary topics for our workshop:


  • Session 1
  • Eliciting and evaluating your pets' symptoms - case taking
  • Picking the most representative symptoms to repertorize
  • Lunch On Your Own - Enjoy pot-luck dishes brought by fellow attendees or order from local eateries
  • Session 2 
  • Evaluating your pets symptoms which you found and defined in session 1
  • Learning specifics about the structure and language of repertories
  • Finding represenatative rubrics for animal-specific symptoms like of the coat, anal sacs, tail, etc.

WEBINAR BROADCAST: Streamers will be part of the worldwide webinar where you'll get to participate like you are also attending in person. 


  • Session 3 
  • Repertory homework review 
  • Case analysis using your pets' symptoms
  • Use the Materia Medica to find the homeopathic medicine your pet needs
  • Lunch On Your Own - Enjoy pot-luck dishes brought by fellow attendees or order from local eateries
  • Session 4 
  • Posology strategies, how to dose your pets and intro to Hahnemann's Advanced Methods
  • Evaluating the reponse and knowing what to do next
  • Review of the weekend 

In addition, specific systems and dis-eases will be discussed based on your own pets (submit your cases 2 weeks in advance) 

Loved having the opportunity to attend your course. Feel I have a way better understanding of how homeopathy works. And certainly learned that symptoms are our friends. 

Learning more about homeopathy is what I needed for my 6 month old puppy, to get him from a dog, with ear, eye, stomach and itching problems to a healthy and happy dog hopefully for life.

 Loved the reading materials/books you recommended... very helpful and educational! ~ Sue B.

"Dr. Christina’s knowledge & love of her subject is obvious. She makes the class fun, yet ensures you get through all the needed material. 

If you have animals, come learn the correct way to administer homeopathic remedies from Dr. Chambreau. Your pets can be healthier and live longer. Your animals will thank you for it! 

Dr. Christina really did a super job of giving us useful information & extra information (like additions to repertory). I loved getting all of the resources, and also really appreciate Christina's recommendations on resources (not just listing them).” ~ Happy Student

Your Presenters For The Weekend

Dr. Jeff Feinman, CVH

Jeff Feinman is a research-oriented veterinarian dedicated to finding the most effective and safest healing for pets using homeopathy. His medical journey started in elementary school when he was diagnosed with a mystery illness. The desire to reverse it along with the disturbing trend of increasing chronic dis-eases in pets helped him develop the Vitality and Balance System using homeopathy framework for healing. 

He is past President of the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and is current Chairman of its research and education committee. He’s been teaching how to integrate current conventional medicine with homeopathy for many years. He is passionate about healing animals naturally using their powerful vitality. He looks forward to teaching you how to apply homeopathy and its powerful model of molecular vitality and balance. Read his story at https://www.holisticactions.com/holistic-medical-decision-making-helped/.

Dr. Christina Chambreau, CVH

Christina Chambreau is an internationally known veterinary homeopath, author and dynamic speaker. Through her practice, teaching and writing, she helps animal guardians learn homeopathy and create the team needed to heal chronic diseases like cancer, thyroid problems, allergies and more. Dr. Christina helps empower pet parents to maximize their animal's health for a long life, along with minimizing cost of veterinary care.  

She helped found the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy, is a mentor for its certification program and is on the Council of Elders for the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. She teaches holistic courses and lectures at veterinary conventions internationally, schools, clubs and at many veterinary colleges. She is passionate about every animal having the chance to live the healthiest and longest possible life. Learn more at holisticactions.com/dr-christina-chambreaus-story/.

TAKING THE NEXT STEP: Making Homeopathy Work for You and Your Pet


NOTE: This is NOT the intro seminar. Pre-requisites are either 1. The introduction to Vitality, Balance and Homeopathy seminar: 2. One of Dr. Christina’s classes: 3. A basic understanding of Homeopathy from self-study or other classes. If you are unsure if this seminar is for you, take this quick 8 question knowledge-check. If you get 7 or 8 correct, you can register below! If you have any questions, email us at support@holisticactions.com.






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