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I can not express strongly enough how valuable access to the resources and community support are to me.

The information I learned will allow me to be a better advocate for my pets, as well as become more adept in discovering clues for treatment for my beloved rescue dogs.

I found the classes to be informative in describing what healing is (and isn’t) as well as they opened my understanding about how this approach does offer real hope for restoring internal balance in our companion animals. I will now remember that symptoms are our friends and are not be suppressed. The resources provided were all outstanding.

Dr. Jeff is both a passionate instructor and experienced vet homeopath who is fully committed to the wellness of our pets. I would wholly recommend joining the Holistic Actions! community to all who have companion animals. Thank you Dr. Jeff for your time! It has been a gift!

Eileen T.

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The aim of the community is to use our experiences to help guide your learning and empowerment. The information does not replace your own veterinarian’s treatment. Empowered pet guardians are pro-active instead of reactive and make better informed choices and healthier decisions.


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