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Webinar Courses

Cystitis and Kidney Dis-eases

Our next webinar course will help you prevent and resolve bladder and kidney problems. It’s on October 28, 2017 at 2pm ET.

Stop recurrent cystitis. Slow progression of dis-eases like kidney “failure”, Lyme nephritis, etc.

The course includes:

  • Pre-recorded video of the slides before the 10/28 webinar discussion.
  • A live webinar discussion where we summarize and answer your questions.
  • A printed webinar topic toolkit with all of the resources we mention in the webinar.

The follow-up Empower Hour! is free for Holistic Actions full members. It is on November 15th, 2017 8pm ET. 

Self – Paced Video Courses

The Truth About Lyme Disease and Holistic Actions! That Can Help

Ticks and Lyme Disease bring anxiety and worry to many. This course will help relieve some (or all) of them. It will show you how to holistically and naturally prevent and treat Lyme.

Courses available in the full member resource area include: Preventing and Managing Vomiting Pets, Hyper and Hypo-thyroid cats and Dogs, Animals with Ear Symptoms and Stopping Allergic Dis-eases, Treating Behavior Problems and Brain Dis-eases, and more .

Individual purchase of these is coming soon!

Live Classes For Full Members

Describing Symptoms and Understanding Dis-eases:
Thinking in Rubrics

With Jeff Feinman, VMD, CVH and Christina Chambreau, DVM, CVH

The live 3 part series is currently closed. The recordings are available in the full member area.

Other upcoming live courses for full members include how to help your senior pets have better lives, optimizing training and performance, physical therapy, acute homeopathic prescribing, understanding vaccinosis and the miasms, cancer, and more.

Dr. Jeff,

That was a *fantastic* session, and not just because it was about Ronan.   I really like how:
1) you laid out the decision making process in the context of the larger problem
2) you brought in more detail about the use of homeopathy
3) you brought in the areas in which medical technology can help.
Lots of food for thought, and I’m keen to learn more.
Thank you very much- you rock!  🙂
Christine (& Ronan)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Holistic Actions! Membership Help Me?

Great question, we’re so glad you asked!

Our faculty will help transform you into a Holistic Ambassador by full access to pet professionals during two live interactive Empower Hour! discussion groups every month. During these interactive webinars, you’ll speak with Drs. Jeff, Christina and other veterinary guests. Our supportive community members often share their own wins (and woes).

Oh, and you’ll also have 24/7 access to any video courses, archived webinars, a private Facebook Group and all of the other resources in our growing member library.

What is a self – paced video course?

Our self – paced courses incorporate lessons in video format. Check your learning using the quiz and progress at your own pace. Return and retake the course as often as you like.

All courses are included with your full (supporting) membership. Or you can purchase them separately.

Free membership includes the Lyme course.

You’ll have unlimited access to the courses on any computer or device.

Most importantly, you’ll also get our personal guarantees to help you understand any material in it that you find confusing.

If you own the course and have a question about the content, we will help. One of our trained (by us) Holistic Ambassador members may answer your question in our Facebook Group, Drs. Jeff or Christina may hold a live Empower Hour!, write a blog, etc.

What is a live course?

A live course consists of a dis-ease an symptom focused webinar available as one-off purchases. Full members then also receive a deeper dive into the topic during the monthly Empower Hours!

For example, the Behavior Problem and Brain Dis-ease webinar was followed by a discussion of how to help reactive dogs and the role and prevention of vaccinosis.

The Lameness, Stiffness and Arthritis webinar will be (on 9/19) followed by a discussion of nutritional and homeopathic prevention and management of hip dysplasia, etc.

Live courses are offered in webinar format. As a full member you can attend live or watch the recording video and audio at any time. Just log in to your account to access your member library. Any time!

We feel that it is our responsibility to make sure you understand the material. We’ll explain any topic you don’t understand fully.

If you still don’t understand, we have not been clear and will try again.

What if I am unhappy with the course or membership?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you purchase a video course or membership, and are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

What will I achieve by joining Holistic Actions! Academy as a full member?

The sole purpose of the Holistic Actions! Academy is to give you the tools to make the best decisions for your companion animals.

We will teach you how to help your companion animals effectively, mindfully, holistically, gently and scientifically. You can get the best of both worlds. Harness the natural healing power of the body while reaping the benefits of modern diagnostic medicine. By not “Throwing the Baby Out With the Bath Water” we’ll show you how!

The information you learn does not replace your own veterinarian’s treatment. But we will help you have a more complete toolkit.

How long do I have access to the webinar courses if I purchase them separately?

The webinar videos, discussion and toolkits are yours to keep forever.

How long do I have access to the follow-up Empower Hour?

The deeper-dive post-webinar Empower Hour! discussions are always available to full members in their resources area..

Can I purchase recordings of past webinar courses?

Absolutely! Webinar recordings are available for purchase along with the full webinar-based courses and bonuses.

What will I achieve by taking a webinar course?

Holistic Actions! Academy webinar courses give you the tools to make the best decisions for your companion animals.

The information you learn does not replace your own veterinarian’s treatment. But after taking this (or any of the Holistic Actions!) course you’ll have a comprehensive holistic toolkit.