Using smilies in your posts


Dec 13, 2018
This is mainly a fun feature but it can also help to clarify a comment you make in a post. Printed text doesn't convey facial expressions or body language and for that reason can sometimes be open to misinterpretation. If something is meant in a humorous way, adding a smile :) can make that more obvious to the reader. Smilies are also helpful in conveying a mood or just to emphasize a point.

To add a smiley to your post, first position your cursor where you want it to appear and then click the smiley icon in the editor bar:


Once you do that, a drop down of currently available smilies will appear:


Simply click on the one (you can add more than one at a time) you want and it will appear next to your cursor.

Like this: :coffee: Or this: :dogrun: Or this: :panic:

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