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Hawaii Non-Vaccination Options


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May 24, 2021

I intend to move to Hawaii, but keep getting stuck on the situation with my two tiny service dogs.
I have yet to take action after researching the requirements for Rabies vaccination or quarantine.

I refuse to do either.

I have two 5 year old female Yorkies, 7lbs and 3lbs. They had their first Rabies vaccination at around 4 months and nothing since. I hear that some states allow dogs to not receive the vaccination if they have a veterinarian letter stating are two small or have had a bad reaction to a previous vaccination. They have had a bad reaction to the Rabies vaccination and I think it's arguable that they are too small.
I've looked at all the information on the site and it seems like my situation almost fits a few things but isn't quite covered.

Does anyone know of expemtopns of tiny service dogs that you carry? :)

Or perhaps know of a supportive vet in Hawaii with whom I can further discuss the situation?

Also, I am in the Army National Guard, if anyone knows a veterinarian there who could advise me on the potential to transfer through the Army system.

I seems like a long shot, but it's worth asking.

Thank you!

(Photo just for fun size reference :))

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Dr. Jeff

Feb 23, 2017
Hey Adrienne!

Thanks for asking your great question!

Yes, HI is pretty tough when it comes to rabies vaccination for new dogs (they really want to stay the only state that is rabies free).

Maybe Dr. Ihor's office on Kauai has some ideas about how to approach this.


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