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  1. jumstead1023

    Water filtration

    What is the best at home filtration for my dogs and myself that won’t break the bank. I keep hearing Berkey? Thanks
  2. jumstead1023

    Henry the Great Dane into animal control

    This boy is emaciated so giving small meals including ground Turkey and pumpkin or squash and Answers goats milk. He is acting fine considering his health but has such mushy poop. He is going in for bloodwork on Monday and I’ll take a stool sample. Any ideas what bloodwork to do besides regular...
  3. jumstead1023


    I posted last night that Lola got fleas from a cat I was transporting for work and everyone was very kind to offer solutions for her itchiness. She was already taking Earth Animal internal powder and spraying occasionally w Wondercide. This morning I found a live flea on her even tho I gave her...
  4. jumstead1023

    Piper the Pemphigus dog

    Dr Jeff had us dose two weeks ago w Sulfur. Her skin is not improving but besides licking she is doing well. I think Dr Jeff told me “she doesn’t feel as bad as I think she looks”. So true.
  5. jumstead1023

    Healed and The Bengston Theory

    Healey my five year old Golden had two mast cell tumors removed on 07/13. Surgery went well but then on 8/7 a new small tumor appeared. Dr Jeff informed me of The Bengston Theory which is “Energy of intention”. I am still learning about this but I really want to try it and believe it! On 08/22...
  6. jumstead1023

    Lola the therapy/comfort dog

    Lola always enjoys making people happy. She will turn 9 next week and I’m always looking for ways to increase her longevity.
  7. jumstead1023

    Mast Cell Tumor Treatment and Torigen Vaccination for Healey the 3 Legged Golden Retriever

    I’m starting a new thread as suggested because I’m a bit confused with this new diagnosis of mast cell tumors. 2 were removed last Tuesday and hopefully I will get the biopsy results in the next few days. Post surgery he has done very well. He is taking Thuja and Arnica and a probiotic since the...
  8. jumstead1023

    New dog dumped in Woodbury

    This approximately five year old Beagle was dumped and has this issue with back foot knuckling. What do you think?
  9. jumstead1023

    Healey the Golden

    Healey is a four and a half year old male raw fed Golden who was born with orthopedic issues. In the last two weeks these lumps have appeared on his left side. I shaved them to measure the size. Of course I’m worried.
  10. jumstead1023

    Getting Urine Sample - Stubborn Lola

    I have been trying for two weeks to get a urine sample from my 8 year old too smart Lab. We start at 4 in the morning because Dr Jeff always says get first morning urine. As soon as she squats and I put container under her she pops up . The other day I must have tried 4 times in the morning with...
  11. jumstead1023

    Silly Piper recovering from Pemphigus

    Ugh file is 10 seconds but says too long. Sorry
  12. jumstead1023

    Rant from an animal control officer

    These two little dogs were dumped in my town and the doxie had been attacked by something. Had surgery today to clean wounds. Of course the vet wants to follow the stupid state of Ct regulation that a wound of unknown origin immediately gets a rabies vaccine . I said absolutely not! Now my...
  13. jumstead1023

    Two ponies!

    My daughters 18 month old Great Dane Granger meeting a pony! Great socialization.
  14. jumstead1023

    Blind Dane in New Home

    Many of you know Piper my 6 year old blind Great Dane. She lost her sight as a puppy from glaucoma and has done incredibly well over the years living in the same home. Last week we moved to a different house and I did as Dr Jeff said and gave her rescue remedy. I also put a calming collar on her...
  15. jumstead1023

    Herd immunity

    Please explain in layman’s terms.
  16. jumstead1023

    Holistic pediatrician

    I wanted to share a wonderful experience my daughter had yesterday with her one year old who had a rash. She just switched to a different pediatrician because she was tired of vaccine pushing and antibiotics. Sound familiar? The new pediatrician who she had seen once a few months ago sat her...
  17. jumstead1023

    Piper Dane w Pemphigus

    I’ll preface that she has an appt w Dr Jeff next week. Since starting to wean off all the horrible drugs (that may have saved her) and going back full raw she is just this week starting to get the spots on her flanks and licking. She also is beginning to have that odor. She has been thru so much...
  18. jumstead1023

    Granger the Dane

    My daughters one year old raw fed intact male Dane has one swollen elbow. When he saw his breeder/vet they said it is caused by laying on hardwood floor or crate and just to monitor it. He literally lays on the couch or a kids bed most of the time. He only eats in his crate and relaxes for half...
  19. jumstead1023

    Update on Rhett the Great Dane

    He is doing so much better and actually has a skip in his step. He has gained weight and his skin is so much better. He still needs a nice retirement home.
  20. jumstead1023

    Rhett the GreatDane

    This boys owner died of Covid and his family moved back to Eqypt. To say he is a mess is an understatement. Double entropian, skin infections, underweight, infected nails and on and on. He is very depressed and picking at food.
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