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  1. denize

    Allergies to cats

    Hi hi, any recommendations for someone (human) living with cats who is allergic to them? (in addition to the air filters and vacuuming). thanks!
  2. denize

    Constipated kitten

    Hello hello, Chamomile the kitten is frequently, possibly always, constipated. She doesn’t poop regularly and when she finally does, a poop will halfway exit and then just stay there for a day or so. She HATES when I try to facilitate the exit so I am rarely successful. I read in one of the...
  3. denize

    Adorable cat family looking for their forever home

    Hello hello, In about a month my rescued little cat family will be ready to find their new home. Please let me know if someone is interested or know someone who is. They are so loving and adorable. The calico baby is Chamomile, the fluffy black one is Oscar, and the silky soft, medium long...
  4. denize

    Worms and other goodies

    Hi hi, Natural solutions for worms and such? Both kitten appropriate and adult. Thank you!
  5. denize


    Hi, I have two little kittens and a mom. Right now mom is getting canned food and I would like to transition her to raw but their vet recommended not doing that until the kittens are older b/c of the risk of salmonella etc (kittens are about 4-5 weeks). I was thinking I could give the, one of...
  6. denize

    Ear mites

    What are some natural solutions for ear mites?
  7. denize

    High Calories

    What can I add to my cat's food to make it higher in calories? (she is not eating a lot and need to gain weight). (I am addressing the underlying causes as well, but in the meantime, I would love to add some weight on her). Thanks!