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  1. kristen_acri

    Chicken Neck Question

    Another thing about Charlie is that he doesn't chew his food. I've only heard him chew a piece of a chicken neck a couple of times. The first time I gave him a whole chicken neck he took into another room and put it on the sofa! Two other times he swallowed them whole. Now I cut them into...
  2. kristen_acri

    Stomach/Appetite Question

    Charlie is fully transitioned to a raw diet now, mostly fresh. I'm not sure it totally agrees with him so am reviewing other threads on the forum and listening to the Empower Hours on dysbiosis. In stomach/appetite, I'm wondering what the difference is between insatiable, ravenous, and...
  3. kristen_acri

    Charlie's Embark Results

    Wasn't sure where to post this...thinking reducing cancer risk might be a good place. The results from Charlie's DNA testing arrived yesterday and today. Only one thing showed up in the health area and it's considered a clinical trait --Alanine Aminotransferase Activity result: Low Normal...
  4. kristen_acri

    Storing Homeopathic Solutions

    I usually hang onto remedy solutions that I make long after I'm not using them any more. 1 pellet to 1 cup water, in a glass jar, refrigerated. Is this recommended? Could I use this preparation again if needed? What about those repeat succussions done before re-dosing? Would I have to...
  5. kristen_acri

    Introducing Charlie...aka ?

    Hi all -- I adopted Charlie today! A black, senior Mountain Cur. I can't wait to use what I've learned to give him the best rest of his life!
  6. kristen_acri

    Spay/Neuter -- Cats

    I've been asked this question by a friend and I have no idea what the recommendations are! We talk about this a lot with dogs. What about cats? Harmful to do early? Advantages to waiting? Thanks! Kristen
  7. kristen_acri

    Reyah's Mammary Tumor

    Reyah's condition got the best of her and she died last Friday afternoon. I am most grateful and appreciative of the attention, care, and compassion Reyah and I received from @Dr. Jeff in the hours before her death. She's buried in my back yard beside my beloved Tassule. It's been 10 years...
  8. kristen_acri

    Need Creative Bandaging Ideas

    Hi all! Looking for ideas on how to deal with my 11-year-old Springer Spaniel, Reyah. She has a large mammary tumor that I'm addressing with @Dr. Jeff. It's located in front of her back right leg. Reyah is able to lick the tumor and she has licked a small area open, about 1 x 1.5 inches...
  9. kristen_acri

    Anesthesia Choices/Mammary Tumor/Not spayed until 7 y.o.

    History: Reyah is my 11-year-old Springer who was surrendered to a shelter in July 2015 with an ulcerated mammary tumor. Surrendering owners noticed her small lump in May 2014. Owners declined the recommended mastectomy and spay. The shelter did these surgeries in August 2015. X-rays...
  10. kristen_acri

    Answers Dog Food Question

    Anyone feeding Answers Detailed Formula dog food? I've been feeding Answers to Reyah, my 40-pound Springer Spaniel, the last few days to see if she tolerates it. My pet sitter will be feeding it to Reyah while I'm on vacation. The recommended amount doesn't seem like much when compared to...
  11. kristen_acri

    Feeding Oatmeal, Quinoa, etc.

    Quick question -- what quantity of oatmeal or quinoa is recommended per meal? Reyah's weight runs between 38 and 40 pounds. I weight and measure EVERYTHING but these -- I can't stop! I'm curious about feeding these carbs when cancer is present -- are they considered sugars that feed cancer...
  12. kristen_acri

    Grooming Question--Dog Shampoo

    Not sure I put this is the correct category! I've been wanting to ask about a good shampoo for Reyah, my dog, that doesn't have essential oils in it or anything else that would interfere with homeopathic remedies. Can anyone recommend one? Reyah get's groomed every eight weeks and I bathe her...