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  1. tsharlo1

    7 yo BMD with Arthritis

    Buxton is a 7yo intact male BMD. He has been raw fed his entire life and rabies is the only vaccine he has had. At 2 yo OFA X-rays were done and showed grade 2 elbow with DJD and FCP. He has not had any issues with that elbow until recently. He has had Trixsyn and green lipped mussel for several...
  2. tsharlo1

    Adenocarcinoma of the thyroid

    I'm looking for comments about adenocarcinoma of the thyroid. About 2 months ago my brother took in an 8.5 yo golden retriever when the previous owner passed away. The dog is a very sweet boy and transitioned nicely to my brother's home. The vet found a 3 cm lump on his larynx and did a fine...
  3. tsharlo1

    Diarrhea after ice cream

    Buxton had a small amount of ice cream for the first (and last!!) time last Tuesday. That night he had to go out 3 times during the night and had diarrhea. I have been giving him boiled hamburger with either rice or oatmeal. I have also added broth to his water because he wasn't drinking much...
  4. tsharlo1

    Panacur and cancer

    My functional medicine doctor was talking to me about using Panacur for cancer in people. There have been many success stories about it and it was discussed at a medical conference she recently attended. Has anyone used it for cancer with pets? What are your thoughts?
  5. tsharlo1

    steps following an aggravation

    Kedron's last dose of Rhus Tox was 200c on May 21and she was much worse the day after the dose. It seems it was the correct remedy but the potency caused an aggravation. Beginning the 2nd day following the dose she started improving. In thinking about next steps for her I believe I should wait...
  6. tsharlo1

    Question about Movoflex

    I have been using Fidoplex from Wondercide but they have discontinued that product. Comments about Movoflex which is also an eggshell membrane supplement? Thank you! Debbie
  7. tsharlo1

    Paw wax recipe

    Recipe for paw wax. 3 oz beeswax 3 Tbs coconut oil 3 Tbs calendula oil 3 Tbs avocado oil Melt all ingredients together over low heat and then pour in mold to harden. Works great to protect paws from road salt, ice, frigid temps and keeps snow from balling up. Also works to protect their feet...
  8. tsharlo1

    Fleas from rodents

    We have voles and mice around and Kedron thinks of them as a delicacy. She just caught another one yesterday. I have not found any inside but signs of several outside. I am wondering if the dogs could be getting fleas from them and if so what can I do about it? Debbie
  9. tsharlo1

    Quality of drinking water

    We often talk about the benefits of quality fresh food but water is not usually in the discussion. I have well water and have struggled with the issues that come with that. I have a whole house treatment system and have reverse osmosis for drinking water only. The person I work with sent me an...
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