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  1. NicoleA

    Digestive Enzymes

    Hi Everyone, My kitty has been constipated (on and off) for years. I have tried so many things (diet, supplements, laxatives, etc,) and he has been doing better but only goes every 3rd day and is still constipated periodically. I had reduced the laxatives but may have to increase them again b/c...
  2. NicoleA

    Aspiration/wheezing when I give my cat liquid supplements

    I give my cat liquid supplements via a syringe and once in a while he starts wheezing and coughing - very scary. I don't know if this is serious. I try to inject the syringe in the side of his mouth and give him the liquid slowly - it is a small amount. Does anyone know what might be happening...
  3. NicoleA

    Asea for Cats

    Hello :) I recently started giving my cat, Jespa, Asea and am wondering if anyone else has used Asea for their kitties? I am starting with 3 Ml 2/day - I think that is the amount I was told to start with and want to make sure I understood correctly and am giving the right amount .. my syringe is...
  4. NicoleA

    Kitty Wound

    I'm not sure which category this falls under ... this morning I found spurts of blood all over my wall, floor, rug, etc. I knew it was coming from my younger kitty, Joy, because when I picked her up to inspect her she whimpered, but I couldn't find the source of the wound. I was worried it might...
  5. NicoleA

    My kitty has a bump on her lip

    My two year old cat, Joy, has a bump on her lip. I noticed it for the first time today but I think it has been there for at least a few days, if not more, because I thought she was sticking her tongue out a lot - and today realized it is in fact a pink bump. I couldn't get a vet appt. until...
  6. NicoleA

    Megacolon and hyperthyroidism (and Free T4 Levels)

    Hello :) I am very worried and hoping I can get some clarity. My kitty, Jespa, has had ongoing constipation for years and I have tried many natural methods (I worked for years with a holistic mobile vet) but nothing has resolved it - maybe I wasn't consistent enough with herbs she prescribed...
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