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  1. Dr. Jeff

    Managing Symptoms in Pets and People Through BEAMing and Breathing

    Hi @everyone- Amy (my wife of 28 years in 1 week!) and I were discussing quality of life and symptoms while watching Bird TV this am. The discussion was about another potentially concerning symptom of mine last night (a tender and swollen lymph node in my neck) and what's going on with it this...
  2. Dr. Jeff

    Staying Healthy (for people)

    This comes from our friend Dr. Lisa Samet who is both a naturopath and homeopath. In addition, she has a great new book on rewiring the brain and emotional repatterning: https://www.amazon.com/Emotional-Repatterning-Healing-Rewiring-Brain/dp/1789045916 Though homeopathy is a big part of...
  3. Dr. Jeff

    The Power of the Happiness Protocol for Healing Pets

    Wow!! I just watched this (after getting off a client call about a super happy pup 1.5 years into genetic DM). I continued to get blown away by the awe-some healing ability of the body: Here's how I think it works: https://www.holisticactions.com/happiness-protocol/
  4. Dr. Jeff

    Laughter Yoga and happiness for cancer and other dis-eases

    Laughter, positivity and happiness are known to activate healing mechanisms (in people). For pets, this happy state is either natural or easy to promote possibly because they don't carry the same emotional baggage that we do. Our being happy and positive may not be so easy to learn, but...
  5. Dr. Jeff

    Homeopathy Movie Free Screening and Discussion 4/10/21

    This is a free online screening of a marvelous movie about homeopathy in honor of Dr. Hahnemann's birthday this weekend. There will also be a discussion after the movie with the producer/director. Here's the registration info: https://homeopathyhealings.com/events/
  6. Dr. Jeff

    Snuffling for Healing

    Here's Archie raising his cellular energy in two ways to optimize his healing: These two ways are his super happiness and sniffing (puppy pranayma). It is all part of his Happiness Protocol that helped bring his Lyme down from 748 to ~160 in three months! In addition, his low albumin (2.2)...
  7. Dr. Jeff

    Extreme sports for chihuahuas!

    Steven Kotler is doing some amazing work in optimizing brain function and promoting flow states in people. He also runs the awe-some Rancho de Chihuahua sanctuary to help do the same for pups:
  8. Dr. Jeff

    covid vaccination

    Hi @everyone! I am starting a separate thread for this discussion so it doesn't get lost in the covid thread. That thread shares many of the resources and information from 2020 regarding the early months of the pandemic and is probably worth scanning if you haven't already done so...
  9. Dr. Jeff

    Free Embark Genetics Summit

    Hi @everyone. Dr. Robinson at Embark just shared this with us in case anyone wants a deeper (two day!) dive into canine genetics: Canine Health Summit
  10. Dr. Jeff

    Homeopathic Remedies for Pets and People With Respiratory Symptoms

    Hi @everyone- Monday's (1/18/21) Empower Hour! webinar marks the return of naturopath-homeopath Dr. Lisa Samet. Dr. Lisa joined us last year to discuss naturopathic strategies to help stay well during the pandemic. She also kindly shared a few of her early cases of treating covid patients...
  11. Dr. Jeff

    Helping Pets With Injuries Like Joint and Knee Problems

    This week, @Dr. Sue is holding a webinar for her clients about acute treatments for injuries and inflammatory issues. Here is a report from one of the HA! seminar weekends that describes the Holistic Medical Decision Making (HMDM) approach which hopefully can help them decide how to help...
  12. Dr. Jeff

    Chinese herbs and suggestions for pets with cancer

    @Dr. Sue kindly shared this wonderful info. It was in response to a kitty with cancer who was already working with a vet care team of a local vet, oncologist, and homeopath. However, no one with as much TCM info as Sue! Ideally, every pet with a serious diagnosis like cancer will work with a...
  13. Dr. Jeff

    The HA! Quality of Life Approach for a Dog with Grade III Mast Cell Tumor

    Below is a 30 minute video discussion about from yesterday. Its about holistic actions for an 11 year young pup who just had a Gr. 3 MCT recently removed:
  14. Dr. Jeff

    What to add to a raw diet for a dog with allergies?

    @AgnesB posted this question in a different folder, but I thought we could discuss it here. I'd especially love to hear @Dr. Sue and @Dr. Christina's opinions, but will give mine as well. The question was: My answer is that the choice of a raw food diet would depend on the food being used...
  15. Dr. Jeff

    Symptoms, Energy, ionbox and Personal Proof of Principle

    Hi @everyone- I hope you are all doing well! Personally, I'm both well and super grateful! For my health, wife, Archie, clients, students and lots more. Twice a day during lunch and dinner together, Amy and I but feel awe about something we are grateful for like watching the birds. looking...
  16. Dr. Jeff

    Cancers of Pets, Their Individuality, and Toxins

    Hi @everyone. This is another post about "molecular individuality" and susceptibility as described by the new science of the exposome: https://www.holisticactions.com/forum/threads/the-dog-and-cat-exposome-and-individuality.42395/#post-46741 One of the ways this helps you and another way to...
  17. Dr. Jeff

    The Dog and Cat Exposome and Individuality!

    As a science nerd, I am super-psyched that a good friend pointed me to the Human Exposome Project! https://humanexposomeproject.com/ The exposome is a molecular description of the mechanisms that occur based on individual susceptibility of every pet. The things that make her unique. Here's...
  18. Dr. Jeff

    Organon 246 and Dosing Homeopathic Medicines for Pets and People

    I have been remiss, since the pandemic, in keeping up with posting Organon paragraphs on the forum. Therefore, this one jumps far ahead of the others. The reason for the fast forward through the Organon is that this aphorism will help put Monday's 10/26/20 discussion of homeopathic dosing into...
  19. Dr. Jeff

    Exercise and Engagement Toys for Cats

    Hi @everyone- Here is Dr. Christina's toys and tips mentioned by Sally and Robin during this week's webinar:
  20. Dr. Jeff

    Exercising Your Dog

    This is a great post that Dr. Dodds just added to her blog. It happens to be about this month's Empower Hour! theme of exercise and healthy weight management: When many of us think about exercising our companion dogs beyond walking or playing a good game of fetch, we may imagine elaborate...
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