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  1. Dr. Jeff

    Dog #1 Cougar, 12 yr old, white/tan intact Sheppard approximately 85 lbs, raw fed diet with 3 mm anal tumor above anus and arthritis.

    Hi Laura, and welcome to HA! Thanks for making your first post. Has Cougar's BEAM been changing since you returned from VT? Did it change when you started the 3 new supplements? Has he had any licking his butt, scooting or otherwise showing problems from his 3mm perianal tumor? Do you have an...
  2. Dr. Jeff

    Dog losing control of back legs

    Hi Sarah, welcome to HA! and thanks for making your first post. I'm sorry to hear about your pup's leg weakness and decreased appetite and BEAM. :confused: It would be great to get more context (see the posting guide above) but this is a super important topic so I'd like to reply in broader...
  3. Dr. Jeff

    Vomiting with hair in it

    Thanks Hannah for sharing about Moses' vomiting. Yes, the excess grooming is likely to be related to the large amount of hair building up. In addition to the Nordic Naturals and Now enzymes, you may want to add some papaya enzymes (which you can also get from NOW) to help digest and dissolve...
  4. Dr. Jeff

    Pancreatitis in cats

    1. Yes, Nom Nom probiotics are fine for now (rotate brands over the next few months). Thanks to your post I just learned that this probiotic even contains some of the unique (well, I thought they were not found in other probiotics) strains! 2. Yes, pancreatitis can be triggered by fatty foods...
  5. Dr. Jeff

    New kitten

    What does Chad do? It might be best now to separate them. For now.
  6. Dr. Jeff

    Mast Cell Tumor Treatment and Torigen Vaccination for Healey the 3 Legged Golden Retriever

    Grade 2 with no mitotic figures. Low malignant potential. 👍 narrow margins. The biopsy doesn’t really change the holistic approach. It does however tell us to be sure and do everything possible to optimize his vitality and balance
  7. Dr. Jeff

    Banjo Cruciate Ligament

    How about checking with a dog PT expert about their experience with braces in Corgis? Try emailing Dr. Deb and see what she says (tell her that you work with HA!): https://www.wizardofpaws.net/deborah-torraca/
  8. Dr. Jeff

    New kitten

    OMG, Chad is too cute and sweet-looking!🐻 Thank you so much for rescuing him Jennie. What a horrific start he had but boy is he a lucky fellow. Please also thank your husband's friend for me.🙏 Primal would be my choice of food, but let's see what cat experts @Dr. Jean and @robinafolson say...
  9. Dr. Jeff

    Pancreatitis in cats

    Great that she is home to heal! Yes, it's OK to feed raw while on anti-biotics. Yes, she would benefit from a few months of rotating probiotics starting now. All of the vets, and many of the pet parents, here have lots of experience with pancreatitis. My own 14 year young 5 lb. kitty got a...
  10. Dr. Jeff

    Feline Asthma 6 year old feline Sir Frederick

    Hey Sharon- Did you have other questions in addition to what we discussed on Monday? Regarding his Jan. labwork, it is definitely compatible with asthma or another allergic manifestation. It looks good but this urine is quite dilute. Is he a big water drinker? Also, sorry that I didn't see...
  11. Dr. Jeff

    Mast Cell Tumor Treatment and Torigen Vaccination for Healey the 3 Legged Golden Retriever

    I believe that they then can't do it as they need the tumor. I thought Dr, Robb had mentioned it to you? Anyway, no worries as there are more curative things to do now. Like vitality building and balancing! Torigen (like most conventional approaches) is palliative, not curative.
  12. Dr. Jeff

    Cognitive changes

    Hi Lil- You might see a big improvement just by doubling his sniffing and playing more of the hunt for treats game. Also, Cholodin is useful for cognitive changes: https://germanshepherdhome.net/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/340803/Canine_dementia:_Cholodin_&...
  13. Dr. Jeff

    Dog with pancreatitis, meningitis, lower back issues; had diarrhea and vomited blood

    Thanks for sharing this great info. Ashley! It looks good overall. However, and as you know all too well, normal diagnostic test results don't correlate with Boo's quality of life. Her difficulty gaining weight is one example. This may actually be the fundamental issue. As she improves...
  14. Dr. Jeff

    Cat with mucus in nose

    Cool (what potency did you give?)! Please let us know Edwin how Smudge responds.
  15. Dr. Jeff

    Holistic Anti-inflammatory for My Cat

    Great question David! Dr. Christina's reply sums up the holistic ASC approach. You can use it to help decide how to help your kitty. Just ask what can be done and you'll get answers from ASC. Dr. Christina summed up the S and C so I'm just going to mention the A as it may apply to your kitty...
  16. Dr. Jeff

    Dog with pancreatitis, meningitis, lower back issues; had diarrhea and vomited blood

    Hi again Ashley- If you have a chance, it would be great if you try re-uploading the recent test results. They will help us evaluate internal symptoms (in addition to those you can see).
  17. Dr. Jeff

    Dog with pancreatitis, meningitis, lower back issues; had diarrhea and vomited blood

    Hi Ashley! Fantastic dis-ease/symptom timeline, wonderful work with that. Boo has had an awful lot going on in her short life so far!😯 It's no wonder that the vets are having a difficult time with helping you plan the next steps (which hopefully you'll implement fort he next decade or more of...
  18. Dr. Jeff

    My dog’s poop problem

    Mucousy poop? Covered with mucus? Strands of mucus? Spots of mucus... Clear, yellow, green, odor, etc... When it comes to deciding which remedy to give, the details are key.
  19. Dr. Jeff

    Meet my Dog (Redux)

    Handsome fella!
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