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    Diet reversed kidney disease

    I told Dr. Jeff this story of my friend's Corgi (named Didi), and he asked me to post about it as an example of diet providing an upgrade in vitality. Didi ate a kibble diet, and at some point as an adult became very ill, and the diagnosis was severe kidney failure. The vets said there was...
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    Caring for hypoglycemic dog with insulinoma?

    Rockie is one of my pups who lives with a good friend. He is 10.5 years old. He was having exercise-induced issues such as tremors, rear end weakness, and collapse. He was found to be hypoglycemic with glucose levels down to 40. He was diagnosed with insulinoma (pancreatic cancer) after a...
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    Kennel cough help

    Hi there, I feel like I should know this or be able to figure it out, but am going out of town late tomorrow and don't have much time.  Is anyone available to help? I just found out today that one of my dogs has been exposed to kennel cough.  A friend's young dog started coughing today, a...
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    Perianal gland tumor question

    I've got a new "medical challenge" with one of my dogs, and would really appreciate some advice on the best way to evaluate next steps. This is an 8-year old intact male, who this week had cytology done on a 8mm raised lump.  Diagnosis is <em>perianal gland tumor, probable adenoma - adenomatous...
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    Supplements/MSM and homeopathy

    I'm not sure if this belongs in the Homeopathy or nutrition section.  I remember years ago being advised to avoid supplements that contained ingredients that are also homeopathic remedies.  One such ingredient is MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) which contains sulfur.  I'm wondering if this is still...
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    Help finding a remedy for my senior dog

    My 12.5 year old dog has started having what looks like a movement disorder, triggered by certain sounds. It causes her to do a couple seconds of involuntary twitching/tremoring movements. Sometimes the twitching is just in her face; sometimes it starts with her face and causes her front legs...
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    Canine Flu remedy?

    The canine flu (H3N2) is said to be spreading quickly in my area, and it is said many dogs are getting seriously ill. Classes are being canceled, etc. Is there a known homeopathic remedy for this canine flu epidemic?