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  1. Dr. Sara

    Tetanus for horses

    Dear Angele, The Veterinary Partner site has information regarding animal infection. Horses are far more susceptible to tetanus than dogs; cats are extremely resistant to tetanus. I have seen tetanus in a horse and a dog, and it is quite a frightening situation...
  2. Dr. Sara


    Dear Lil, Pyometra is possible at any time, though it makes dogs feel bad, so it is unlikely that is Blossom's problem. Pyometra is MOST COMMON about 2 months after the onset of heat signs. Many female dogs lick and clean their vulva. It is possible that Blossom could have a somewhat inverted...
  3. Dr. Sara

    Hair loss in a young female dog

    Cabergoline has been shown to affect coat colour. (Abstract below.) I read two case studies where it affected coat quality. Because of this, it is not used in females intended to be shown. As cabergoline is an ergot alkaloid, it will affect to some extent circulation to the skin, so such...
  4. Dr. Sara

    How to manage false pregnancy in a dog

    Dear Katja, Excellent! I'm glad you found an IAVH vet near you. Evey may just need a little more time to mature. If the next cycle is overly close, or if you have any further concerns about false whelping or estrus, I would contact the vet to investigate the situation. Reproductive...
  5. Dr. Sara

    How to manage false pregnancy in a dog

    Dear Katja, Do see if any of the practitioners in the IAVH (International Ass'n for Veterinary Homeopathy) are near you. I know there is an active Baltic group, as well as several Slovenian members. We also have members in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, and...
  6. Dr. Sara

    Fish or kelp for cat diagnosed with hyperthyroidism

    Hyperthyroidism signs can be worsened by feeding foods high in iodine. Kelp and some fish can be high in iodine, which is why intake should be restricted. Many kelp supplements warn against the use of kelp in hyperthyroid cats. A healthy cat should be able to eat these things; a hyperthyroid...
  7. Dr. Sara

    Hawthorn berries

    Herbalists describe herbs as 'food like / extremely safe', 'moderately safe', 'powerful with likely side effects if overdosed' an 'toxic, use with extreme caution'. Hawthorn leaves, flowers, and fruit are in the 'moderately safe' category, and can cause intestinal upset. Hawthorn extracts can...
  8. Dr. Sara

    Area below vulva hardened

    Dear Christine, Normally, the area between the anus and the vulva is smooth fur with a small amount of tissue and fat underlying, with the firm pelvic structures more deeply located. I would not be surprised if your girl was getting ready to go into heat again; estrus recurs every 5 to 7...
  9. Dr. Sara

    What is normal bleeding pattern for unspayed dog

    The amount of discharge can fluctuate through the cycle. Some dogs do have more blood later in the cycle, others do not. There is a wide range of normal, and as long as the fluid is straw to blood coloured, not foul, and your girl feels good, there is no cause for concern. Many girls will...
  10. Dr. Sara

    Is it a UTI or in heat or something else

    Dear Lil, This specific gravity is fine, as is the acidic pH. A high specific gravity is common in dogs who don't drink much. It can be helpful to add water or broth to the food to increase fluid intake, as some dogs will act like concentrated urine stings. Most don't have any discomfort from...
  11. Dr. Sara

    Is it a UTI or in heat or something else

    Dear Lil, As Dr. Jeff points out, it is important to know how Blossom feels overall. A single urinary accident in a female who is normal otherwise is less likely to indicate a problem. Every female in heat is a little different. In general, they will drip blood for a total of three weeks...
  12. Dr. Sara

    Dog Aging Project needs more dogs!

    Take a look at their site. They recruit one dog per household, and follow that dog with yearly questionnaires about their lifestyle and health to see how they age.
  13. Dr. Sara

    Dog Aging Project needs more dogs!

    November 2022 More Good Doggos Please! Our research is carefully designed to study the widest possible range of dogs and dog experiences. This is why we work hard to make sure that we have dogs in the Pack from every part of the US as well as a wide range...
  14. Dr. Sara

    Homeopathic Strength for Horses?

    Tim Couzens book, "Homeopathy for Horses" is excellent. Tim is a good friend and an experienced horse and small animal practitioner.
  15. Dr. Sara

    Home Cooked Meals for my Cat Misty

    Dear Barbara, This site https://www.felinecrf.org/ contains a wealth of high quality, well researched and documented information about chronic renal disease in cats. This is such a multi-faceted topic that I encourage all my clients to use this site for a full understand ing of the problem...
  16. Dr. Sara

    Buxton's panting and the diagnosis of arthritis in dogs

    Dear Debbie, There is an old saying, "Dogs walk on their legs, not on their x-rays." This is true, and x-rays don't do anything for Buxton's comfort. They do, however, show us if there are bony changes in the joints. Dogs can be lame and sore for muscular and conditioning reasons, as well as...
  17. Dr. Sara

    Aural hematoma

    Dear Lyndsey, It is excellent that you are working with Dr. Harmon to improve Xander's overall health. I would not suggest using an insecticide such as permethrin in the ears without strong evidence of the presence of mites. If you feel you must apply something to relieve discomfort, a...
  18. Dr. Sara

    Desexing versus sterilization

    Dear Lil, Dogs of both sexes with normal sex hormones are more bold than they will be without them. Boldness, behaviourally, is the other end of the bold - shy axis. Boldness (as a behavior) may be described as a combination of desire to associate with people and a desire to examine the...
  19. Dr. Sara

    Senior pup with seizures

    Dear Joaquin, Like us, animals are what they eat. There is a known correlation between diet, neurotransmitter production, and behaviour. There are recognised cases of seizures linked to particular allergens, including food allergens. It is important that animals with seizures are exposed to...
  20. Dr. Sara

    Bug eating

    It's perfectly safe and normal for animals to eat insects / arachnids, as long as the insects haven't been treated with pesticides, aren't toxic insects, and are not one of the rare insects that are an intermediate parasite host. (Spirocerca lupi is a tropical parasite transmitted when dogs eat...
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