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  1. Dr. Jeff

    Interpretation of the kidney SDMA test for pets

    Hi @everyone- Here's the link to a nice article explaining some details of the SDMA test. This is a relatively new test that can sometimes be useful for helping diagnose early kidney problems: https://eclinpath.com/chemistry/kidney/sdma/ However, like any other single test result, it is best...
  2. Dr. Jeff


    Absolutely! The best thing to support his pancreas is just what you're doing (very small amounts of food throughout the day). Very, very important though is your own emotional state and energy flow. When we become anxious and fearful and uncertain about what to do, that energy directs affects...
  3. Dr. Jeff


    Hi Michelle- Welcome to HA! 👏and I am super sorry to hear about Zac. :confused: The first important thing is that he is not old (many cats live happily until their late twenties and beyond). Unfortunately his malnutrition, which may have been going on for years, has epigenetically predisposed...
  4. Dr. Jeff

    Suki's skin scratching, Cytopoint, and what to do?

    Great news Fatimah! I'd appreciate your sharing the results here or by email (drjeff@holisticactions.com).
  5. Dr. Jeff

    Suki's skin scratching, Cytopoint, and what to do?

    This is great news Fatimah!
  6. Dr. Jeff

    Teddy - Hyperthyroid Cat

    Nope. They are the same drug. https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/animal-health-literacy/hyperthyroidism-cats-theres-fda-approved-drug-treat-it It sounds like his thyroid adenoma (the benign tumor of 99% of cats with hyperthyroidism ). It sounds like Dr. Stern is a great match for you and...
  7. Dr. Jeff

    Practical and Positive Veterinary Spirituality

    More cellular joy and an incredibly creative and fun activity ("Hallway Agility"):
  8. Dr. Jeff

    New freeze dried recipes by Green Juju

    Thanks so much for sharing this great info. Christine! Yay for freeze dried hearts!!
  9. Dr. Jeff

    Practical and Positive Veterinary Spirituality

    Here's the video of the happy pup that I mentioned in the first post. Malachi (the pup) and his guardian were here for an hour this morning and he never stopped smiling, wiggling (and knocking over stuff).
  10. Dr. Jeff

    Practical and Positive Veterinary Spirituality

    Yes! Thanks for sharing Dr. Christina. I also look forward to hearing what members have to say. Moments after I started this thread, a giant "guard dog" (a Boerbel) who was in a state of cellular joy came into the office and boy could I feel a big shift in my own energy and happiness when he...
  11. Dr. Jeff

    Practical and Positive Veterinary Spirituality

    Hi @everyone- Happy spring!! It would be great to hear everyone's thoughts in this thread about the way we currently approach our wellness care for our beloved pets. After almost 38 years of science-based vet practice, my opinion is that there may be safe ways to improve the health span (as...
  12. Dr. Jeff

    New freeze dried recipes by Green Juju

    Great question Christine! I'd also love to know.
  13. Dr. Jeff

    Eye scabs

    YW Christina! That's great that she's a happy girl! The video did not upload to the forum, so you can also try sharing it on Skype. If we're not already connected on Skype, you can find me by searching for drfeinman.
  14. Dr. Jeff

    How to Help Post Operation Recovery for a Dog

    YW Adam! I'm so glad that you connected with Dr. Minter. She's wonderful!!
  15. Dr. Jeff

    Eye scabs

    Hey Christina! Yes, Kala is adorable!! :dog2: 💚 😍 Skin scabs are often a result of scratching. Perhaps see what your vet says tomorrow and then let us know.
  16. Dr. Jeff

    Diatomaceous Earth for Worms in Horses?

    I don't have much to say about your question Lauren. Many of my dog (and some cat) pet parents use DE internally. However, I have no horse patients at this time so I'd also "care" to know more about the use in horses.
  17. Dr. Jeff

    Feline eye issue

    Kathy, did you go to the ER to have your kitty's eye tested for an abrasion or a superficial ulcer? In addition to flushing the eye with saline, lubricating eye drops followed by hot compresses 3x a day can help her eye heal. If you have an ionbox, try holding it a few inches away from her eye...
  18. Dr. Jeff

    Canine waking us in the wee hours

    Have you tried the Benadryl trick Sheri? Also Dr. Wagner has a great Facebook group to help support pet parents using the LifeWave patches. www.Facebook.com/groups/petswithpatches
  19. Dr. Jeff

    From Luxation to Glaucoma… surgery or not to

    Hi Tomoe! Welcome to HA! and I am super sorry to hear about Max's eye. Has your homeopath already recommended Symphtum? Regardless, I agree with you. The fastest resolution of the eye issue is surgery. However, it's important to continue working on the underlying energetic imbalance that...
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