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    Dog Aging Project needs more dogs!

    Dzele was accepted as a participant. :)
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    Worms in the wound of my chicken

    Virginie!! Grisette and Lambic are stunningly gorgeous! They are out on a picnic ❤️❤️❤️
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    Sores on dogs paw pads

    Thank you @Dr. Christina for helping! @SarahK , They do look much less 'pink/red' than when I saw them yesterday afternoon. Do you see a change in his gait/movement?
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    Worms in the wound of my chicken

    Hi Virginie! You are doing a wonderful job with/for Grisette! Chickens are so special. I have 11, 10 hens and 1 Roo. I use fly eliminators to help control my fly/maggot population. I still get some flies, but not near as many. Fewer flies might help prevent future occurrences. I also suspect...
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    Bug eating

    My kitty eats bugs too! And spider webs :)
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    Tilla turned 12!

    Thank you, @ChristineL , I will be sure to relay that to Tilla!! She is such a joy in my life ❤️
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    Tilla turned 12!

    Tilla celebrated her 12th birthday in May. I am grateful to this community for all the good, useful information I put into practice every day with my critters. I know everything I have learned from the HA community is a big part of why Tilla is thriving to reach her teenage years. Thank you!!
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    Nematodes for flea and tick control

    Yes, @Dr. Christina, good point! Directions state to keep refrigerated and use within 2 weeks. Thankfully this company is good with allowing you to order during the sale and giving a grace period for shipping. I always look for gentle rain times for application. Becca
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    Nematodes for flea and tick control

    Wow, Arbico has their nematodes on sale, 40% off...
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    My dogs toes are very spread apart.

    Hi @SarahK I'm going to throw one more picture in here. This was Ellie’s front paws on 8/18/21. Becca
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    covid vaccination

    Well, that's interesting. @Dr. Jeff , any thoughts on this? thanks, Becca
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    Dr Jeff's Fiber Detox

    Thank you for this post @ChristineL. I saw @Dr. Jeff mention using fiber for detox earlier this week and I have been thinking about this. Dr Feinman, would this be a good general nutritional aid for Gandi as he had his spleen removed at age one and I do have concerns about his general detoxing?
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    Nematodes for flea and tick control

    I have used nematodes for flea and tick control for many years with great results. I live on 4 acres, mostly wooded, have about 1 acre cut grass. We have a lot of wildlife come through but pick very few ticks off our dogs. The first year we were here ticks were everywhere. This is our fifth year...
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    Possible conjunctivitis in GSD

    Hi Aruna, I think it's you. This eye symptom was resolved with homeopathy. I posted in case someone else has similar symptoms and searches the forum for thoughts/ideas. I frequently search the forum for info and happy when I can find something. Thank you for your help :) Becca
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    Possible conjunctivitis in GSD

    Yesterday evening my spouse's dog had swelling in her eye. He mentioned she had a significant increase in thirst. Dosed her with Arsenicum album 30 c. Slight improvement after 30 mins, repeated dose as it was getting close to bedtime. Here she is this morning. The ability for the body to heal...
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    Constipated kitties

    @catdoc , in my experience I find if i spread a little milk or other yummy on their paws and forelimbs, then when they groom they start to figure out they can get flavors/foods in their mouth on their own. Put down a little bowl of something and let them crawl through it, then they clean...
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    Thank you for this post, @lizkunz . My cat is on a fresh food diet but she does like Vital Essentials Beef mini nibs as treats. Every time I give her a couple I can hear @Dr. Christina warning about dry cat food. Is this safe for kitty treats? Thanks :) Becca
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    EMF Protection for Pets

    Hi Christine. Just a personal observation. Dec '19 our power company installed a smart meter at our house. The following June I noticed we didn't have any honeybees. We don't usually have a lot, but at least some. I put a smart meter cover/guard over the meter and within three days we had...
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    Calendula powder for raw ears and skin in pets

    Thank you for you for getting back to me. I did not mill my own calendula, it is organic calendula powder from Mountain Rose Herbs, also very fine. My reference to making my 'own' was the blending, that was not clear. I get a lot of really nice product from Mountain Rose Herbs. I had looked at...
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    Calendula powder for raw ears and skin in pets

    Thank you for this information, Dr. Sara. I have calendula powder that I may be able to make my own calendula powder. Should I mix it with something else/carrier? Thanks! Becca
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