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    Free Webinar To Help Pets With Cruciate Ligament Tears

    No, not per se. She is running the practice as a subscription service presently, and is pretty much full up. However, there are some useful links and photos on the site: FinnDVM.com - and she is always available for a consult as to how to proceed.
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    Drugs for car anxiety

    Don't take it out on her, whatever else happens. She can't help it; she's just a product of her environment and experiences. Love and calm to you both....
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    Yeah....nothing they say is basically untrue. However, I just don't take chances. Sometimes dogs just don't bother chewing - they just try to swallow whenever they feel something will go down - I've seen HUGE things vanish, and just say to myself that I'll keep an eye out for that bit. Dogs come...
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    Well, as the resident "bone person", I think would pick those larger bones out, or whack them to break them up further. I've had issues here with turkey bones, so am rather more cautious than I am about most others. With turkey, I like neckbones, big flat keel bones, tails, shoulder blades...
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    I'd stop that new supplement. And I'd stop trying to drug her way out of issues. Look in her mouth for stuff stuck in her teeth. Get rid of that crap artificial beef. Feed food. Keep track of symptoms. Is she nauseous? Pooping OK?
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    Constipated Cat

    Yeah, what a lovely post, Lauren! Just what folks need to hear. Love to Romeo!
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    Hair loss in a young female dog

    I'm not the doc, not the homeopath, but I am inclined to think that the falling hair is one way her body is getting rid of the toxic drugs. I wouldn't panic, but rather see this as a positive progression. Keep up a diet of fresh foods, organ meats, and lots of love:) Do work with a homeopath! My...
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    Lil, you are the queen of "what if?" Seriously, you can just ride with it, do what becomes necessary, and not worry about anything much unless and until it becomes necessary. That said, yes, there will be a cone. I would investigate other forms of restraint: soft donut collars, or wide - 2" or...
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    My cat has cancer lumps on his right side middle in a line 3 or 4.

    Yep; I have a Cuisinart Mini-Prep which is perfect for mushing up the small quantities for a dog's dinner. I wonder if any of those popular "perspnal" drink blenders - the ones that charge off USB cables - might work.
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    PPDH Diagnosis care

    IMO, you're fine; not to worry. Let him sleep. Arnica is a very benign, gentle remedy in any case, and this is not really a terribly high dose. Keep track of your observations, and do not dose again with anything, I'd say, for a while. I'm not the homeopath, but I personally would not worry...
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    PPDH Diagnosis care

    I'll sneak in to say that using more than one tablet will not enhance the potency. One is fine:) And succussing 10 times each time you dose.... Tell the dear boy I send my love..
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    How to manage false pregnancy in a dog

    The doctors will have more to say on this. But my take is that there is a wide range of symptoms possible, even common, in these conditions - none particularly harmful or dangerous. Timing of symptoms, as well as intensity, is quite variable. I have found properly applied homeopathic treatment...
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    Free Webinar To Help Pets With Cruciate Ligament Tears

    Oh, I'm rollin'.....gonna fall off my chair:) Orthopets is another good source for braces. It needs to be a better fit than one can get with just generic Velcro. No, there are many ways to deal with pain besides Rimadyl - it's no miracle. A brace should eliminate pain to a large degree - if...
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    Free Webinar To Help Pets With Cruciate Ligament Tears

    Oh, and the phone number: Contact Us Phone: 360-297-3323 Email: office@finndvm.com Mailing Address: PO Box 2038 Kingston, WA 98346 Clinic Address: 7515 NE State Highway 104 Kingston, WA 98346
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    Free Webinar To Help Pets With Cruciate Ligament Tears

    OK; this link's really old, and I am not sure the info is still on the site. However, this vet, Christin Finn, is one of the best in the country for management of cruciate tears. That said, it sounds as if this owner is NOT gonna be great with whom to work - like, hopeless. Dr. Finn would be...
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    When to call it quits? | Coughing pup

    And please use only a harness on him; no collar. There are many styles available which would not be overly confining, but would not impinge on his throat. My breed has, it seems, a hereditary predilection for laryngeal paralysis. Sometimes this is a killer of entire litters; sometimes just an...
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    Vitamin and mineral supplementation frustration

    I think it would be best to avoid these bones - make soup or something out of the rest of them:) Or, you can just take them up when she gets all the meat off. The important concept here is edible bone, which is why we stick to pork, lamb, goat, or smaller, like chicken, turkey and rabbit. It's...
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    Heart disease in Cavaliers and others

    https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/science-and-technology/2023/01/could-fido-be-our-best-hope-to-reverse-ageing-in-humans This presents genetic therapies for healing heart disease in Cavaliers and others, mentions the Dog Aging Project, and discusses rapamycin, a very promising anti-aging...
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    Another interesting therapy

    Michael Sheetz - Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore is a general biography. No, so far I can find nothing specific about the ultrasound experiment. However, he seems to have explored a whole bunch of physical relationships which influence cell development and repair -...
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    Another interesting therapy

    https://www.worldhealth.net/news/can-ultrasound-waves-rejuvenate-aging-cells/ They treated mice with low frequency ultrasound and found it promoted cell health, increased strength, and counteracted some signs of aging...
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