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  1. aruna

    How to Make A Wet Remedy For A Dog?

    Those are great questions, Ashley! @Dr. Christina, if those are not covered in the course, can we make a note to add it in the description? Thank you.
  2. aruna

    Vegan Diet for Dogs

    @JodyLT , did you mean to add what you got in the email? Or just the topic? We actually have a webinar that Dr. Bob Goldstein presented on this topic if you want to view it - click here.
  3. aruna

    Arthritis in dogs

    Hi, sorry to hear about your pup. Did you look at our resource library? We have some good resources there for arthritis: Non member login - Holistic Actions! Some good webinars: https://www.holisticactions.com/02-15-2021-empower-hour-joint-health/...
  4. aruna

    Making raw dog and cat food

    @StephanieSa, of course, feel free to post your recipes. And if you haven't had a chance yet - please look at our nutrition resource and download the "uplevel your pet's nutrition" workbook -- it gives some good information on how we suggest to approach pet's nutrition.
  5. aruna

    Raw baltic amber and/or shungites made my dog sick?

    I come from a country where we harvest baltic amber and we wear amber for thyroid problems, usually for iodine related ones. SO there is a chance it may affect thyroid gland. However, I don't know about shungite - it seems that it should produce opposite effect. But hey, great noticing - if the...
  6. aruna

    Canine veggie nobl food bars

    Hi, @KathyS , you can see all member discounts in this page Brands - Holistic Actions! - you have to be logged in to see the discount.
  7. aruna

    UTI Senior canine

    @SheriS, how is your pup doing? Did you take her to the vet? DO you need any help finding resources?
  8. aruna

    Need assistance and advice on "pemphigus vulgaris" --poodle mix

    Hi, @TerriH, you can watch a piece of this webinar Non member login - Holistic Actions! (Starting at 22min 25s) - - they talk about the autoimmune conditions and how you would address them like any other disease, by focusing on quality of life and improving pet's terrain. All of it is covered in...
  9. aruna

    Is aconite the same as aconitum

    @LilF it looks like aconitum is just the latin name for aconite (Aconitum napellus) - I say it's the same. But I'm no doctor, so you can wait for one of them to chime in ;)
  10. aruna

    Multiple bee stings reaction/post treatment

    @ViktoriiaP - You can download our 4 homeopathic emergency remedies handout here, in our homeopathy resource section - just scroll down, you will see it under the videos.
  11. aruna

    Struggling with chronic rhinitis diagnosis

    As far as I know, colloidal silver is a great antimicrobial - kills virus and bacteria - so if that was the cause of Rosie's issues, it would definitely help. Which I doubt it is. The respiratory tonic that Dr. Jeff recommended actually supports the body - the mucous membranes, tissues and...
  12. aruna

    Happiness Protocol

    My cat Shasta really livens up and looks happy when I take him for a walk - as soon as we climb the fence and it's the neighboring land - he gets excited, starts running around and climbing trees. My both cats love Da Bird - no other toy has brought them so much joy. They especially enjoy it...
  13. aruna

    Struggling with chronic rhinitis diagnosis

    Hi, Lauren, So Dr. Christina covered a more long term approach - and all the references are amazing for you to understand WHY Rosie is experiencing symptoms (usually there is nothing "wrong" with the nose, it's a deeper internal imbalance and a big picture approach can help her relieve of it...
  14. aruna

    Liver shunt surgery vs. alternative options

    Thank you for such detailed description of Archie's case - sounds like Archie has a lot going on at such young age. And it seems you've done so much already to support him. @Dr. Jeff should respond to you as soon as he can. In the meantime, would you describe what specifically you are feeding...
  15. aruna

    Benign Hemangioma

    @Dr. Jeff, do you have any input on this?
  16. aruna

    Snuffling vs. Feeding within 8-hour Window

    @Dr. Jeff , have any input?
  17. aruna

    Yearly Vaccination - How to handle

    @KaminiJ, you may want to look through our vaccine resource section for more comprehensive info.
  18. aruna

    Rescued our feral yesterday, she got fixed today & got 2 vaccinations. She has fleas, need advice please!!

    Hi, @AnnaH, sorry, it might be too late - you wanted a response before Saturday - curious what you chose to do? It is a hard decision to make - you obviously care for the kitty and don't want to overload her with unnecessary chemicals AND time is not your friend in this case and you don't want...
  19. aruna

    Selenium supplementation for dogs

    @Dr. Jeff do you have any thoughts?
  20. aruna

    Balanced Diet and Supplements

    Wow, @AshleyC, good for you (and lucky pups) - have you had a chance to read through uplevel your pet's nutrition workbook? It may answer some of your questions. You can find it on this page - scroll down to handout section.
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